Question: Who will be the next to die?

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Author Topic: Sixteen (Warning: Death) SEVENTH PART OUT NOW!  (Read 9266 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2020, 09:56:34 AM »

Part 2:
???: I'd like to give you the prize of information after each person is killed.
Akari: What kind of information?
Connor: Like, where we are or how we got here?
???: Sure, that kind of stuff. Ask one question per question period.
Doan: Okay, we can't waste our one question, so let's think.
???: Oh no, don't think! Get this over with!
Doan: Okay guys, I've got this. Why were the 16 of us chosen to come here?
???: Randomly. I tried for a while to find a group of 16 people that would, like, torture each other or whatever, but that took a lot of work and I didn't get very far so... I randomly picked sixteen of you!
Doan: Why sixteen?
???: Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I said one question per question period. Anyway ten minutes to choose who to vote starts now! Bye!

The screen flickered off.

Liezel: So... we were just chosen randomly?
Amy: There's no common trend then, just... whatever?
Hank: Remember, we can't trust what it says. Just because it seems to be a voice of power doesn't mean it always tells the truth. No way anyone would go through all this trouble and pick random people.
Fernanda: I don't know, there are some weird people out there.
Tony: This must have been done by, like, a team of people right? No way it was just one person?
Bertha: Yeah, I have to agree. Sixteen of us were kidnapped, likely drugged, and somehow placed here...
Cameo: Honestly I think that the door is somewhere on the ceiling. That thing's pretty high up so we can't reach it...
Koilee: How would we get down then? That's super high up.
Radlynn: Don't forget that we've got to vote soon! If a vote isn't organized, people will vote randomly, and, well, if they vote randomly then anyone could be the victim.
Hank: I still don't like you organizing everything like this.
Radlynn: Didn't you just try to organize my death? Hypocrite.
Hank: That's different because-
Radlynn: Don't try to explain yourself. It's not. All 15 of us are officially murderers as we did not do anything to let Deano live, so none of us can take the moral high ground any more. Even if you wanted Deano to live, you wanted someone else to die. Only way to stay moral here would be self sacrifice honestly, but it's too late for any of that.
Hank: Just... vote her out please.

Radlynn: Hank is obviously our loudest opponent, so it shouldn't be hard to vote him out right?
Liezel: He's a hypocrite like you said, we don't need that here.
Connor: What if we kept him around as, like, a shield to keep getting votes?
Radlynn: We can't risk it, every round we vote for someone who isn't on our side is a good round for us.
Mitch: What? Uh yeah, yeah I get it. Just keep telling me who to vote for please.
Connor: Dude, are you ever going to contribute?
Mitch: Nah, not really my style.

Akari: Who do you think chose to vote for Deano?
Amy: Good question, I can't figure out why anyone would keep Radlynn.
Cameo: Well Radlynn and her 4 did, and I assume the quieter players would have as well. Radlynn just did a good job of making her side sound like a majority when it really wasn't. It is now though.
Amy: I'm a bit concerned that we'll be picked off if we don't start voting with her... but I also don't want to vote with her.
Akari: I have to agree, it's a tough decision. This entire thing is.
Amy: I've decided that I will only vote for Radlynn until she is gone.
Cameo: Honestly, that's the right way to do this. Eventually the others will either join the Radlynn voting block before she becomes unstoppable, or simply get sick and tired of her controlling personality.
Amy: But if they're not tired of her already...

Tony: Are you sure that was the right decision?
Doan: Positive. Now we can't talk long, but let's keep voting with Radlynn.
Tony: Uh... okay.

Doan and Tony split up. Tony walks over to Koilee and Austin.

Tony: Hey guys, how are you holding up?
Austin: Not great...
Koilee: It could be worse though. Right? Like at least 15 of us are still alive!
Tony: For now...
Koilee: I'm trying to stay optimistic!
Tony: Okay, you do that. Say, did you two vote for Deano?
Austin: Uh... did you?
Tony: Yep.
Austin: Then yes we did. It just felt like the majority vote.
Koilee: Yeah, just like a survival of the fittest scenario.
Tony: I feel bad about it though. I don't love listening to her.
Koilee: None of us really do, but for now it's smart!
Tony: Explain how.
Austin: Uh... everyone's doing it, and being in the majority is good!
Tony: I guess I can accept that...

Doan: Hey, I don't think we've spoken yet. I'm Doan.
Willow: I remembered. I'm Willow.
Doan: I also remembered.
Willow: I mean, that was less than an hour ago, I'd hope your short term memory can keep up.
Doan: Anyway, who do we vote for?
Willow: Oh, this is just a strategy conversation?
Doan: I mean, not really any time for anything personal, right?
Willow: Sure there is. Why do you want to survive Doan?
Doan: Because... I don't want to die?
Willow: Yes, but why is your life worth living?
Doan: I enjoy my job, I have a great family and great friends, I've been extremely lucky but I've also worked hard to get to where I am today.
Willow: Good answer. Good answer.
Doan: What's your answer?
Willow: I don't know. I'm trying to find my path in life. Maybe this... experience will help me find it.
Doan: Maybe.

Fernanda: Hank, will you make another announcement?
Hank: Last one didn't go so well, so I doubt it.
Bertha: It's worth a shot. She doesn't deserve to live after what she did to Deano.
Fernanda: Don't say his name please, I don't want to be reminded of his final moments...
Bertha: Sorry, but you're going to be reminded again pretty shortly.
Hank: Okay I'll try. Radlynn is right about one thing, that we're all murderers or attempted murderers.
Fernanda: Ooh, what if this is, like, And Then There Were None, where we all killed someone?
Bertha: Have you killed someone Fernanda?
Fernanda: Oh, no.
Bertha: Then that seems unlikely.
Hank: ...I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Hank: Radlynn, I propose we have a debate in front of everyone. I imagine you'll be voting for me, and it's no secret I'll be voting for you. The winner of the debate will live as they have convinced the others to keep them.
Radlynn: Nah.
Hank: Why? Is it that you know you'll lose?
Radlynn: No, I know I'll win and that makes it a waste of time.
Hank: And why is that?
Radlynn: I've been pretty up front about how screwed up this whole situation is. I know that some tough decisions will be made today, but this simply isn't one of them. You're transparently pretending to be a "good person", whatever that means, so you'll survive. I have a feeling I'll be getting some votes today, so I ask, don't be a follower to this guy. I have not told a single lie yet, and this guy's already lied about everything.
Bertha: What has Hank lied about?
Connor: What hasn't he lied about?
Bertha: What? There's nothing to gain or lose from lying here, at all!
Doan looks around nervously.
Radlynn: If you're lying about "deserving to live" then yes, there is something to gain!
Hank: I think we've done enough, and that wasn't even that long. Let the crowd figure out who to vote for.
Austin: Wait, we're just a crowd? There are sixteen of us-
Willow: Fifteen.
Austin: Yeah... fifteen of us... and we're all unique individuals! Don't just... just lump us together like that!
Hank: Okay, I apologize.

The screen flickers on.

???: Hi, did you miss me?
Liezel: Not particularly, no.
???: Ouch, that hurts! Anyway, voting time! Get to your stations!
Radlynn: Ooh, they're stations now?
???: Sure, whatever you say. Time to vote!

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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« Reply #16 on: April 17, 2020, 10:15:35 AM »

I love it

hEllo teeewedgie I’m excite d to play a fun game of twg goood noiiiiiiggt
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« Reply #17 on: April 17, 2020, 10:27:46 AM »

I'm having a feeling that Hank will die. At least Radlynn still has 100%of our votes.
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« Reply #18 on: April 17, 2020, 10:55:28 AM »

Why did you vote for Hank.

Nobody liked that.
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« Reply #19 on: April 17, 2020, 11:58:08 AM »

keep Radlynn
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« Reply #20 on: April 17, 2020, 12:14:32 PM »

I wanna know the feeling of everyone instantly liking your work omg
Easy, kill the characters, everyone loves good ol' killing spree!

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« Reply #21 on: April 17, 2020, 12:15:25 PM »

Death entertains a lot
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« Reply #22 on: April 17, 2020, 12:21:53 PM »

Easy, kill the characters, everyone loves good ol' killing spree!
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« Reply #23 on: April 17, 2020, 12:25:29 PM »

Contains Death!

Part 3:
???: Vote now!

Hank votes for Radlynn.
Radlynn votes for Hank.

???: Once again, everyone has voted! I'll probably stop saying that because it looks like you all want to live.
Radlynn: Correct!
Koilee: But... we won't all live...
???: Eh, you'll come to terms with this all a little later. The second victim is...
Cameo: Do you have to drag it out like this?
???: Yes, it provides tension. That's a good thing.
Amy: None of this is good!
???: Now, that's a matter of opinion! Anyway, the person who received the most votes is... Hank.
Hank: Of course it is. I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. I expected that I'd need to sacrifice myself at some point, but I guess I don't even get to do that.
Radlynn: Hmmm... are you trying to guilt trip us?
Mitch: Please don't, my mind is soft and easily malleable.
Hank: It's just, we don't know how many of us will survive. Maybe all fourteen of you will survive, maybe only one will. We don't know, because we have not been given that information. Just know that for the rest of the survivors' lives they'll have to deal with the guilt of directly or indirectly causing the deaths of at least two other human beings, and possibly more. I died trying to do what I believe to be the right thing.
Radlynn: Imagine being this passionate about killing a random girl you've never met before.
Hank: Whatever. Just, do the right thing, you will not regret it. Follow your heart, not your head. Now, for your next question, I suggest asking-
The floor beneath Hank disappears. He tries to grab onto the edges but cannot get a grip. He falls out of sight yelling.
???: Oops, I pressed the button before he was done talking. My bad.
Connor: What can we call you?
???: Is that your question?
Doan: No! Come on, let's think this through. Uh... how many of us will get out of here alive?
???: Good question. It's pretty important, I think. So... out of the 14 of you, 2 will get out alive.
Koilee: That's it?!
???: It makes sense. With 2 people you can't have anyone voted out. What, did you think I'd randomly let, I don't know, 7 of you live?
Liezel: But what's the point in making it go on so long?
???: I'm afraid that's another question, which I cannot answer. Goodbye.
Doan: Wait, would you be fine if I asked all of the questions?
Akari: Why you?
Doan: I mean a lot of these people are asking unimportant questions. The "why" doesn't concern us, only what we're facing. Having an official question-asker will make sure we don't have any scenarios where our captor answers the wrong question.
???: Wait before I go, I'll give you... 10 minutes. Yeah, let's stick with that. Go!
The screen flickers off.
Radlynn: I guess it doesn't matter, I have a feeling you care more about these questions than any of us do.
Tony: They are important, and having someone just focus on that and try to solve our situation might be smart. I think Doan can handle it.
Cameo: Why are you so confident in Doan?
Tony: What? Uh, he gave off a good first impression. I'm not saying he's our only choice, just a passable one.
Doan: Passable. I'll take it. Anyway, strategy time I guess, we've seen before how quickly this goes by.

honestly a little shorter, it's more like Part 2.5

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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« Reply #24 on: April 17, 2020, 12:27:11 PM »

Hank dude
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« Reply #25 on: April 17, 2020, 12:29:46 PM »

Cameo should be one of those 2. bleep Radlynn.
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« Reply #26 on: April 17, 2020, 12:31:03 PM »

Gut feeling... Radlynn's going to unfortunately stay alive another time and either Doan or Tony are going next.
Anyway rip Hank although we didn't lose much

Good luck for KCP!
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« Reply #27 on: April 17, 2020, 12:33:44 PM »

Stupid democracy does not work
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« Reply #28 on: April 17, 2020, 12:39:14 PM »

I voted Fernanda as a random vote. I feel like Radlynn could last just to receive votes every time lol
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« Reply #29 on: April 17, 2020, 08:27:48 PM »

Contains Death

Part 4:
Tony pulls Doan into a corner.

Tony: If only two can survive... let's make sure it's the two of us.
Doan: Agreed. If we can make it to 3 that's majority, if we make it to 4 we can at least tie. Let's just lay low for now. I'm keeping myself useful by giving myself the only real job you can get in this place.
Tony: Will that work?
Doan: Guess we'll find out. Now go, we can't be seen together.

Doan quickly but carefully makes his way across the room. Willow runs up to Tony.

Willow: Tony, why do you and Doan always start the voting period by talking with each other?
Tony: Always?
Willow: Yes. The first time I noticed was just pure coincidence, the second time caught my attention, and now three times in a row, with you literally grabbing his arm! What's up with that?
Tony: Huh? I mean, there are lots of pairs here. Koilee and Austin, Akari and Cameo, why us?
Willow: I actually overheard you. Why do you want you and Doan together so much? My theory is that you know each other on the outside and are pretending to not. That's why you're so confident in his ability, am I right?
Tony: ...please don't tell anyone. Doan made sure that no one knew, I didn't see the problem.
Willow: Well, it is a problem. People will vote you out for lying now.
Tony: I don't get why I went along with this...
Willow: It was definitely a mistake, too late now. I'll try to keep you two safe, but you have to keep me safe as well.
Tony: Done.
Willow: Great! Anyway let's keep going with the majority, don't want to stand out now do we?
Willow walks away.
Tony: Yeah... the majority is... great.

Connor: I'm thinking we should set up, like, an open forum, so we can all talk about who should leave.
Radlynn: Who would start that?
Connor: I would.
Radlynn: You don't want to stand out, just keep it simple. Let's keep voting for people who voted for me. Like... Bertha did, Fernanda did, I think Cameo did, probably Akari and Amy as well... that's probably all?
Liezel: That adds up, yeah.
Radlynn: Okay, that vote should be fairly obvious then. Everyone split up and start spreading a rumour. By the time they realize anything can be traced back to this four, our influence will be big enough.
Mitch: Sure, I guess. *yawns*

Radlynn joins Koilee and Austin who are sitting down near one of the walls.

Radlynn: Hey guys, what's up?
Austin: This is awful.
Koilee: I hate this place so much, but I'm trying to remain optimistic!
Radlynn: That's the spirit! I think... anyway, hear anything about the vote?
Austin: I guess we're going after the older people? Bertha and Fernanda?
Radlynn: Okay, let's do that. Any time I hear a name from someone else that isn't my own, I feel so much better! Don't you?
Austin: Yeah, I guess...
Radlynn: Okay, so let's do Fernanda!
Koilee: Why her?
Radlynn: Fernanda has a family, if we let her get far enough to use that as a sob story to avoid votes, she immediately takes up one of the spots. Emotions are still fairly low right now because at each round we all have a great chance at surviving. Right?
Koilee: I get what you're saying...
Radlynn: Great!

Radlynn gets up and walks away to spread the Fernanda vote around.

Koilee: Austin, can I tell you something?
Austin: Guess so.
Koilee: Okay... I don't know how I feel about following her.
Austin: Radlynn?
Koilee: Of course! I just... something about her confidence, the way she acts like she's untouchable... I don't like it. My heart is telling me that I will regret following her much longer.
Austin: And Hank just told us to follow our heart. Is that it?
Koilee: Not really...
Austin: Okay. We'll vote Radlynn out eventually probably, just not now.
Koilee: Why not?
Austin: We need other people to do it too.

Fernanda: The 5 of us are voting for Radlynn, right?
Akari: Sounds good to me.
Cameo: Yes.
Amy: I'm voting for Radlynn every time until she's gone!
Bertha: Okay, that's a confirmed 5.
Fernanda: But... we know she won't leave.
Bertha: Not a chance. Those others just won't do it! I think I need to talk with everyone at once, like Hank did.
Amy: That's suicide!
Bertha: No it's not.
Akari: Hank did it, and now he is dead. That is quite clearly not a coincidence.
Bertha: I guarantee they've already made up their mind. Nothing I say or do can change that.

Bertha stands up and yells to get everyone's attention. Everyone looks up at her.
Bertha: Okay. Hank tried and failed, but I am still here.
Radlynn: Yes, we're all still here. Your point being?
Bertha: Radlynn needs to go. She is just using all of you! I bet she's somehow made deals to be the pair of survivors with each and every one of you, am I right?
Radlynn: No. Anyone making such deals would be gone immediately, even I know that. Come up with better reasoning next time you try to take me down, please.
Bertha: My reasoning is that everyone here is making a choice. Radlynn doesn't feel a bit of guilt for being the primary reason for the death of two people.
Radlynn: How can you say that? Did I kidnap them? Do you think that I set this all up? I don't think you believe that. You're doing the very same thing you're accusing me of, trying to manipulate everyone.
Bertha: Do you really think you're a hero here?
Radlynn: None of us are! At all! We've all voted for two people to die! Accept it!
Amy: Bertha, sit down please.
Radlynn: Amy, what is it? Are you scared that Bertha will get herself killed?
Amy: Kind of, yes.
Radlynn: That's silly, I'm not going to base my vote off of this. This is a big decision to make, I won't change my mind that easily.
Bertha: Radlynn is treating this like... like a high school. She's got her clique all figured out, and you're probably not in it. At the very least, acknowledge that, and stop giving her power!
Radlynn: The only reason I would possibly have any more power than anyone else here is because you people keep yelling about it!

Radlynn walks up to Bertha and whispers in her ear.

Radlynn: Keep going, you're just making me look like the victim. Works for me.

The crowd has dispersed. Usually, voting starts immediately after the big scene, but Bertha's timing seems to have been a little off.
Amy: Bertha, why did you do that?!
Bertha: I think I changed some of their minds.

Willow walks up to Amy and Bertha talking.

Willow: Bertha, I agree with your points. Radlynn needs to go before she has complete control. Honestly it might be too late.
Amy: You did change someone's mind...
Bertha: Willow, we just need to talk to a few more people. We can get this to happen.
Willow: I don't know if we can...

The screen flickers on.
???: I'm baaack! Okay, voting time. No more instructions. Just... vote. Vote! Vote now!

???: Okay. 14 votes. 14 votes. Hmmm... should I be revealing everyone who receives votes? Or just the top vote getter. Nah, I'll stick to just the top vote getter. Isn't that so much more fun?
Koilee: I sincerely hope no one here is having any fun.
Cameo: You'd have to be a psychopath to be enjoying this.
???: You're not wrong Cameo, you are not wrong. The individual who received the most votes is...
Victim 3:
???: Bertha!
Bertha: Damn.
Amy *crying*: I told you not to do it!
Bertha: I did what I thought was right.
Radlynn: Bertha, honestly you weren't getting votes, but after your speech the public turned against you.
Bertha: It was a risk I had to take. I knew I wasn't getting out of here alive, all surviving longer would have done was give me false hope.
Radlynn: Don't try to make this a heroic sacrifice, or else you would've left before Deano and Hank.
???: Prepare your last words, Bertha.
Bertha: Radlynn just said that I wasn't going to get votes until I said I wanted her gone. Sounds to me like she told you all to vote for me, and you just listened. Tell yourselves, why did you vote for me? Was it because Radlynn told you to?
Liezel: We're all our own people, we can all make our own decisions!
Bertha: I know you can, but did you? We should be working together to make sure the best of us survive. I don't envy you for having to make that decision, I really don't.
Mitch: Wait... you're saying you're glad you're dying?
Bertha: I wouldn't say that, of course not. But I am saying you guys have an important task coming up ahead. Think about it. Only 2 of us will survive. Don't have the 14 of us die in vain. Thank you.
???: I'll take that as my cue...
Bertha's floor vanishes as she falls in. She falls down silently before the floor is readded.
Koilee: Don't let them die in vain...
???: Anyway, question time! Man, am I going to regret question time? I sure hope not.
Doan: Okay. What's your goal here?
???: My goal, from kidnapping 16 of you and killing 14 of you?
Doan: Yes.
???: I thought it would be fun. It's been very enjoyable watching this group fight to stay alive! How thrilling!
Akari: What?! This is a game to you?
???: I mean, quite literally yes. It is. Fun, isn't it?
Akari: No!
???: Okay, ten minutes again. Good bye!
The screen flickers off.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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