Question: Who will be the next to die?

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Author Topic: Sixteen (Warning: Death) SEVENTH PART OUT NOW!  (Read 7521 times)
*does the whipnaenae epi
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I like how nobody thinks Austin is the next one to die

If Austin dies, I'll cry  Cry

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Will Mitch die in chapter 7

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Will Mitch die in chapter 7
Will you be patient?

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Will you be patient?


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Will you be patient?
It’s been over a month after part 6

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me no read cuz u kill Hank

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lazy author should post more  Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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lazy author should post more  Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil
I actually today readed this entire fan fic and yes Evil Evil Evil

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« Reply #98 on: August 27, 2020, 09:10:25 PM »

if someone replies I'll post a new part tomorrow

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yeh, reply

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Will Liezel gonna die?

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Part 7:
Cameo: So we can't escape, and even if we do, we die.
Akari: And if we don't escape, we die. This is kind of a problem.
Connor: I mean... if you want to escape... that's basically suicide, so better chance of us living. You know, those who want to live.
Doan: We all want to live!
Connor: You know... I've been saying. We need to just figure out which 2 of us survive. Let's not do this stupid game, let's just rip off the band-aid! Surely, there are two of us that deserve this more.
Koilee: There's no objective way to figure that out!
Tony: You know... that might be why we're here. He's trying to figure out how people will determine that.
Connor: Who's "he"?
Adam: You already forgot about me? I've never felt so insulted! Anyway, I'll give you some time. Good bye.

The screen flickers off.

Amy: That's an interesting theory, Tony. We're being observed to see how we'll make that decision?
Connor: Exactly! Let's figure this out!
Mitch: Doesn't matter anyway, we're all fine.
Liezel: Okay, Connor, how do you think we should do that?
Cameo: I don't think there's any way to do that without it getting ugly.
Willow: I mean... it kind of has already.
Cameo: Fair enough, but... this really isn't a good idea.
Connor: Come on! Let's just all go around, and explain why we think we should survive. The two with the best reasons will survive. Let's not drag this out!
Akari: So, Connor, if we do this, and the group decides that you aren't "deserving", you'll gladly sacrifice yourself?
Connor: Of course. Anyway, I'll begin. I am a high school basketball star, with a sports scholarship to attend the most prestigious university in the country. If I survive this, I will be an inspiration to hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions-
Austin: Stick with hundreds...
Mitch: Or maybe dozens...
Connor: Fine. I will be an inspiraton to some children. But, even one is enough! If I die, I won't exist any more to be that inspiration! I worked so hard to get to where I got, I can jump in midair!
Akari: Prove it.
Connor: It's... uh... too crowded in here, I won't have room to land. Anyway, if I die, a whole generation of children will not have their role models!
Doan: Okay... so it seems like you're freely admitting you don't want to survive. Is this why you volunteered? Thank you, Connor.
Connor: What? No! I bet that's better than at least 9 of you. Now, let's do... Mitch.

Mitch: Huh? What are we doing?
Connor: Mitch. What do you do? Are you in school?
Mitch: No.
Connor: Do you have a job?
Mitch: Well, I used to work for this taqueria, but I got fired for sleeping on the job...
Connor: Do you have another job lined up?
Mitch: That happened... well, I guess right before this. So not yet.
Connor: Do you have any... aspirations?
Willow: Reaching a little far, Connor?
Akari: I think we've got this one solved.
Cameo: Connor, your plan isn't going very well.
Connor: Shut up! Let him speak! Mitch, do you have any dreams or goals?
Mitch: Yes! I want to be a professional speed eater!
Austin: That's not a dream!
Tony: I don't want to judge, but... have you done it before?
Mitch: I've won casual contests. I want to go to the big leagues! You know, that job I had? I won it for winning a taco eating contest!
Liezel: Now you're not even making sense.
Connor: Come on guys! This man has a dream, he is so close to achieving it... you want him to die?
Koilee: I don't want anyone to die!
Doan: But... if you're talking about "deserving"... someone who can't keep a job and has no real purpose in life isn't someone we want to keep alive, yes?
Connor: Wow. Mitch, fight them! Tell them more!
Mitch: Nah, doesn't really matter.
Willow: Is this you "solving" this?
Liezel: Just tell us.
Mitch: If I tell you what happened to us, then we all die. So... I won't.
Connor: So Adam kills us if you tell us?
Mitch: I can't even answer that question.
Connor: Wow! He has information! We've got to keep him alive!
Cameo: This isn't a time for joking.
Connor: Who's joking?

Connor: Okay, let's look at... Amy. Amy, what do you do?
Amy: I'm an artist. I paint, and sell paintings online. I work as a barista to make ends meet.
Connor: Okay, so Amy has a dream that she has already achieved, and it's not very glamourous. This is an easy cut, right?
Amy: My dream is to have my own art gallery.
Connor: Do you have a home?
Amy: I have an apartment, but-
Connor: Okay, you could've put up paintings in your apartment. Boom, gallery! It's right in front of you, you didn't do it, I think that lack of ambition should make you a vote. Okay, see? This is working!
Akari: What's the difference between Mitch and Amy?
Connor: Mitch has a reasonable goal that he is working hard towards, Amy has already achieved the only goal her life has.
Cameo: How do you already know everything about Amy? And Mitch for that matter?
Connor: What they just told me is all I need to know. It's simple guys. Why am I the only one doing this?
Willow: Because you're doing such a good job! Go on, keep telling people they don't deserve to live!
Connor: Fair, it is kind of a hard job. Ooh, that's another reason I should live. I'm willing to take charge when no one else is!
Doan: Wait... what's wrong with artists?

Doan: I work as a graphic designer. I've worked with many large brands. I can practically guarantee you've seen some of my work around the city. Maybe in magazines or newspapers or even billboards! I'm a very successful designer, so I need to continue that business.
Connor: Okay, you've already accomplished the dream. You can go.
Tony: Don't say that so quickly!
Willow: Tony, why do you care?
Tony: I'm just saying, he's making decisions very hastily. Why is someone who has already become "accomplished" not deserving, but also someone who isn't accomplished yet not "deserving"? Why does Connor get to decide?
Connor: I'm not deciding, I'm just letting everyone tell their stories and giving my input. And no one else is.
Akari: People are, you're ignoring them.
Connor: Okay Akari, what do you do?
Akari: I deliver mail. That's important.
Connor: There are lots of mail deliverers, not lots of basketball players who can jump in midair. Come on... this is so easy!
Cameo: I think what we're figuring out is that none of us have exclusive jobs. None of us stand out in any meaningful way as "deserving", so... this doesn't make sense.
Connor: I think most of us have learned something from this. Now... who's next?

Liezel steps over to Connor and whispers something in his ear.
Liezel: Dude, you know they're just letting this go on so you dig your own grave?
Connor: You really think that?
Liezel: Yeah... if I were you I'd slow down. Stop alienating every individual.
Connor: These people know that only two of us survive, and that difficult decisions will have to be made. I'm just speeding that up.
Liezel: I get that, they don't. They think you're trying to trick them.
Connor: I'll just keep going. Some big things are being revealed here!
Liezel: Fine, whatever. You're the one who dies if you're wrong, not me.

Connor: Okay. Instead of picking on people, I will let people volunteer reasons they should live. That way, we can just assume anyone who doesn't speak up plans on dying. Simple!
Koilee: It's not easy to explain why one person deserves to live over another...
Connor: We've been over this! It is if you actually are deserving! Okay. Anyone else want to speak up?
Connor waits for a few seconds, but no one raises their hand or says anything.
Connor: No one? Really? Okay, I guess we know who's surviving.
Doan: Yeah, I guess we do.
Akari: If we did a vote now I imagine it'd be unanimous.
Connor: Glad to see we agree.
Willow: We still have time though... want to have some discussions about the order people should die in Connor?
Connor: Nah, that's too depressing, even for here.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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« Reply #103 on: August 28, 2020, 09:10:09 PM »

Really glad to see this back!
And I would like Connor to go next
Monday's PNC round may have tricked me into thinking I like Connor by putting him up against Rollie, but not today

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Okay, Connor's for sure holding up death flags.

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