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Author Topic: Fan Character Lookup List v2  (Read 14506 times)
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Previous Owners

v1: Ninja Monkey

Can't remember the owner of a particular FC? Want to use someone else's FC for something? Just want to look up some FCs? Then this is the topic for you!

I'm making a list of all the FCs from all the FC topics on here in alphabetical order. I'll put the links to the different topics below.

If I missed one of your FCs, or you added a new one, let me know!

In order to qualify, an FC must be in an FC topic of its creator.
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Kingsley is my father.

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Aaron by Jacobarmada
Aaron by Phil
Abbie by Petey K
Abbott by Canyon
Abby by Canyon
Abby by Jacobarmada
Absence by Overbord
Acacia by MintGold
Adam by Jacobarmada
Adam by Stormzee
Adam by Tamatim
Adams by Drama Watcher
Adelaide by James
Adele Mortadello by Almei
Adomi by Overbord
Adrian by Jacobarmada
Adrian by CosmicFizzo
Adriana by Phil
Aehms by ChurroSalesman25
Agatha by Drama Watcher
Ahmad by Canyon
Aidan by Canyon
Aidan by Jacobarmada
Aiden by James
Aiden by MintGold
Aiko by Nίκοs
Aisha by Jacobarmada
Aiyla by MintGold
A.J. by PastaFan3000
Akashi by Ducky Mioda
Akemi by -NeonRaccoon-
Akira by Drama Watcher
Alan by Jacobarmada
Alex by MintGold
Alex by James
Alex by Phil
Alex Olson by Ocean Drive
Alexa by James
Alexander by Bassettt
Alexander by Drama Watcher
Alexander by James
Alexandra by Nίκοs
Alexis by Jacobarmada
Alice by JEBZ Komics
Alice by -NeonRaccoon-
Alice by Ecopania
Alicia by Ducky Mioda
Alicia by MintGold
Alistair by -NeonRaccoon-
Allegra by CosmicFizzo
Allie by ChurroSalesman25
Allison by -NeonRaccoon-
Allison by The Gameria Expert
Allucard by -NeonRaccoon-
Alondra by Overbord
Alondraka by Overbord
Alyssa by -NeonRaccoon-
Alyssia by James
Amanda by Drama Watcher
Amanda by Ecopania
Amanda by Nickito
Amanda by The Gameria Expert
Amar by Jacobarmada
Amar by Sag
Amber by Soul Survivor
Amber Inferno by Ninja Monkey
Ambria by Jacobarmada
Amelia by Drama Watcher
Ammon by -NeonRaccoon-
Analia by -NeonRaccoon-
Anchovy Minks by everyonehatessuzuki
Anderson by Jacobarmada
Andrew by JEBZ Komics
Andrew by Nickito
Andrew by -NeonRaccoon-
Andy by The Gameria Expert
Angel by -NeonRaccoon-
Angelie by Jacobarmada
Angelo by Ecopania
Anice by Jacobarmada
Anita by Canyon
Ann by James
Ann by -NeonRaccoon-
Anna by Drama Watcher
Anna by Letsplay21
Annika by Overbord
Anthony by Colts
Anya by Canyon
Apollo by Sag
April by Canyon
Arabella by Bassettt
Arange by Overbord
Arcadia by Phil
Archie by MintGold
Ari by ChurroSalesman25
Ariana by Carmaban
Ariella by marrxl
Arien by -NeonRaccoon-
Aries by Petey K
Arnav by Sag
Arnold by Maestro
Arthur by Carmaban
Arthur by Qualityghosst
Arthur by Ecopania
Arya by Sag
Asher by Drama Watcher
Asher by Kookie
Ashley by Petey K
Ashlyn by Canyon
Ashton by Sag
Assad by Tamatim
Astro by CosmicFizzo
Asunción by -NeonRaccoon-
Atlas by CosmicFizzo
Aubrey by Bassettt
Audrey by KeinkoMusic
Audrey by Neverlander_Ibzy
Audrey by Nίκοs
August by CosmicFizzo
Aumery by Jacobarmada
Aurelio by Sag
Auron by -NeonRaccoon-
Aurora by CosmicFizzo
Aurora by Feng
Austin by -NeonRaccoon-
Autumn by Bassettt
Autumn by James
Avarina by -NeonRaccoon-
Avery by MintGold
Axel by Sag
Ayesha by Sag
Azaleah by Ianiant

Barb by Qualityghosst
Barbara by Jacobarmada
Barius by ChurroSalesman25
Barrie by Tamatim
Basil by Tamatim
Bastille by Phil
Baylor by Phil
Bea by Rocky
Beatrice by Ianiant
Beatrice by PastaFan3000
Beatrix by Canyon
Beatriz by Computerized1052
Beau by Sag
Bebe by Kookie
Bedok by Ducky Mioda
Beki Olson by Ocean Drive
Belinda by Letsplay21
Bella by Drama Watcher
Bella by -NeonRaccoon-
Bella by MintGold
Bella by Tamatim
Ben by James
Ben by Tamatim
Benson by -NeonRacoon-
Bentley by CosmicFizzo
Bernard by Canyon
Bert by JEBZ Komics
Bertram by Ianiant
Bessecker by Ianiant
Bethany by CosmicFizzo
Bianca by Neverlander_Ibzy
Bilis by Nίκοs
Bill by -NeonRaccoon-
Billie by MintGold
Bing by Overbord
Bitton by Canyon
Black Feather by CosmicFizzo
Blaine by Neverlander_Ibzy
Blaise by CosmicFizzo
Blake by Nίκοs
Blakeston by Jacobarmada
Blanc by -NeonRaccoon-
Blossom by Tamatim
Blue by blue175
Bob by Carmaban
Bob by Tamatim
Bobby by Soul Survivor
Bobby Olson by Ocean Drive
Bolt by Overbord
Bou by Raph
Brad by Drama Watcher
Bradley by Nίκοs
Bradley by Rocky
Brady by CosmicFizzo
Brandon by Tamatim
Brandy by ChurroSalesman25
Brenda by Rocky
Brendan by Sag
Brian by James
Brianna by MintGold
Bridget by CosmicFizzo
Brittnay by -NeonRaccoon-
Brooke by CosmicFizzo
Bronwyn by CosmicFizzo
Bruce by Jacobarmada
Brynja by Overbord
Bud by Kookie
Buddy by Rocky
Bugs by Overbord
Byffi by Overbord
Byron by Raph

Cade by Ianiant
Cadence by Petey K
Caleb by Neverlander_Ibzy
Caleb D by Stormzee
Callie by Ecopania
Calliope by -NeonRaccoon-
Calliope by Petey K
Callisto by CosmicFizzo
Calvin by Canyon
Calvin by Nίκοs
Calvin by Phil
Calvin by Tamatim
Cambry by Jacobarmada
Cameron by James
Candy by -NeonRaccoon-
Careen by MintGold
Carinne by Petey K
Carla by MintGold
Carlos by Drama Watcher
Carlos Bandito by Ninja Monkey
Carly by Kookie
Carmen by CosmicFizzo
Caroline Tucker by Ocean Drive
Carolina by Ecopania
Carson by MintGold
Caryl by James
Casey by Kookie
Casper by Neverlander_Ibzy
Cassidy by Bassettt
Cassidy/Cassie Opea by Ianiant
Cassie by Canyon
Cassindra by MintGold
Catherine by The Gameria Expert
Cathy by Tamatim
Catrina by -NeonRaccoon-
Caya by MintGold
Cece by Petey K
Cecilier by Computerized1052
Cecily by JEBZ Komics
Cedric by Nίκοs
Celeste by MintGold
Celi by James
Celphy by MintGold
Charles by Bassettt
Charli by Kookie
Charlie by Canyon
Charlie by Jacobarmada
Charlize by Hermes
Charlize by CosmicFizzo
Chase by Bassettt
Chase by Ianiant
Chelsea by Ecopania
Cherlyn by marrxl
Cheryl by Ducky Mioda
Cheyenne by CosmicFizzo
Chi by Drama Watcher
Chief Anderson by JEBZ Komics
Chiko by Ecopania
Chive by MintGold
Chloe by The Gameria Expert
Chris by Ianiant
Chris by James
Christian by Bassettt
Christopher by Nίκοs
Christopher Evans by everyonehatessuzuki
Cindy by Drama Watcher
CJ by CosmicFizzo
Clara by Hermes
Clara by Tamatim
Clarion by Ducky Mioda
Claudia by Sag
Clayton by wendykang77
Clem by -NeonRaccoon-
Cleo by CosmicFizzo
Cliff by Neverlander_Ibzy
Club by Petey K
Coby by Nίκοs
Cody by Drama Watcher
Cody by Ecopania
Colby by Ianiant
Cole by ChurroSalesman25
Cole by Nίκοs
Cole by MintGold
Colin by Bassettt
Colt by Jacobarmada
Connie by Kookie
Connor by -NeonRaccoon-
Constance by Nίκοs
Cora by Ecopania
Corey by Ecopania
Cory by Jacobarmada
Courtney by Nίκοs
Craig by Ducky Mioda
Cressida by Petey K
Cristelle by Overbord
Cristina by -NeonRaccoon-
Cyan by Overbord
Cynthia by Canyon
Cyrus by Ducky Mioda
Cyrus by Nevelander_Ibzy

Daichi by -NeonRaccoon-
Dakota by CosmicFizzo
Dallan by ChurroSalesman25
Dallas by Soul Survivor
Damian by Jacobarmada
Damian by James
Damion by Kookie
Dan by PastaFan3000
Dan by Tamatim
Dani by Kookie
Danica by James
Daniel by James
Daniel by Kookie
Daniel by Nickito
Daniel by Tamatim
Darrel by Tamatim
Darren by James
Dasher by CosmicFizzo
David by Drama Watcher
David by James
David by -NeonRaccoon-
David by Tamatim
Davis by CosmicFizzo
Daxana by Ianiant
Debbie by Petey K
Debby by James
Deborah by Ianiant
Decade by wendykang77
Delia by James
Delilah by Bassettt
Delta by Phil
DeMarie by Jacobarmada
Denise by Rocky
Desial by ChurroSalesman25
Desmond Revier by everyonehatessuzuki
Destiny by CosmicFizzo
Deville by CosmicFizzo
Devin by Jacobarmada
Devon by EndermanTuxedo
Devyn by Feng
Dexter by Petey K
Dez by Ninja Monkey
Diane by CosmicFizzo
Dianne by James
Diddu by Petey K
Diddy by Petey K
Diego by Hermes
Diego by Overbord
Diego Clayhut by ChurroSalesman25
Dillon by Ecopania
Dilly by Overbord
Dimitri by Drama Watcher
Dimitri by James
Divian by Ducky Mioda
Dixie by Sag
Dmitri by CosmicFizzo
Dominic by James
Dominika by Ecopania
Donny by Drama Watcher
Dorothy by Maestro
Douglas by Drama Watcher
Dove by CosmicFizzo
Drake by James
Drayden by MintGold
Drew by CosmicFizzo
Drew by Neverlander_Ibzy
Dulce by -NeonRaccoon-
Duncan by CosmicFizzo
Duncan by MintGold
Dyani by CosmicFizzo
Dylan by Bassettt
Dylan by James

Easton by Kookie
Echo by Neverlander_Ibzy
Eddie by Maestro
Edith by MintGold
Edmund by Nickito
Edy by CosmicFizzo
Ehehe by ChurroSalesman25
Eleanor by Bassettt
Eleanor by James
Elena by -NeonRaccoon-
Elena by wendykang77
Elexis by CosmicFizzo
Elisabeth by Petey K
Elise by MintGold
Elize by Jacobarmada
Elle L'Vex by everyonehatessuzuki
Ellie by Petey K
Elliot by Neverlander_Ibzy
Elliott by Kookie
Emilia by Phil
Emily by Ianiant
Emily by James
Emily by Tamatim
Emma by Drama Watcher
Emma by Tamatim
Emma by The Gameria Expert
Emmett by Nίκοs
E.N.I.G.M.A. by Ninja Monkey
Enzo Brulee-White by Ocean Drive
Ephraim by Nίκοs
Eric by Jacobarmada
Erika by Ecopania
Erikah by -NeonRaccoon-
Erin by Kookie
Ernest by Ianiant
Ernesto by Nίκοs
Esme by Soul Survivor
Estabon Taten by Ocean Drive
Estelle by Sag
Esther by Sag
Ethan by Petey K
Ethan by -NeonRaccoon-
Ethan by The Gameria Expert
Evan by Tamatim
Eve by Ianiant
Evelyn by Neverlander_Ibzy
Everett by Sag
Evilyn by MintGold
Experiment 20 by Qualityghosst
Experiment 312 by ChurroSalesman25

Fabian by Hermes
Fabian by Tamatim
Faith by James
Fang by Feng
Fatima by The Gameria Expert
Fay by James
Feargal by Ducky Mioda
Felix by Jacobarmada
Felix by James
Felix by Tamatim
Feliz by Overbord
Feng by Neverlander_Ibzy
Fernando by Kookie
Fey by CosmicFizzo
Finn by CosmicFizzo
Firefly by Feng
Fizzie by Computerized1052
Flaky by Obed ART
Fletcher by CosmicFizzo
Fleur by MintGold
Flo by Phil
Flora by Ianiant
Flynn by Neverlander_Ibzy
Foxy by Obed ART
Fran by Overbord
Fran by -NeonRaccoon-
Francis by Canyon
Frank by Overbord
Frederick by Nίκοs
Fritz by Kookie
Froster by Qualityghosst

Gabriel by James
Gabriel by The Gameria Expert
Gao by Obed ART
Gary by ChurroSalesman25
Gemini by Neverlander_Ibzy
Gemma by Canyon
Genesis by marrxl
Geoff by Bassettt
George by Canyon
Georgia by Tamatim
Georgie by Nίκοs
Geronimo by Ducky Mioda
Gervase by CosmicFizzo
Giona by Ninja Monkey
Giovanni Brulee by Ocean Drive
Giseia by -NeonRaccoon-
Giselle by Sag
Giulietta by -NeonRaccoon-
Glenn by Qualityghosst
Gloria by Tamatim
Grace by James
Grace by Tamatim
Gray by Drama Watcher
Grayden by Jacobarmada
Green Mask by CosmicFizzo
Gregory by Drama Watcher
Greta by -NeonRaccoon-
Griselda by Qualityghosst
Gulp by -NeonRaccoon-
Gustav by Tamatim
Gwen by CosmicFizzo

Haiku by marrxl
Hailey by EndermanTuxedo
Hal by James
Hallie by Jacobarmada
Hamilton by CosmicFizzo
Hanna by -NeonRaccoon-
Hanna by Soul Survivor
Hannah by Drama Watcher
Harlow by Feng
Harlow by Neverlander_Ibzy
Harriet by Petey K
Harrison by Soul Survivor
Harry by Drama Watcher
Harry by Tamatim
Harvard by marrxl
Hawaii by Overbord
Haylee by Nίκοs
Hazel by James
Hazel Baxter by everyonehatessuzuki
Heather by JEBZ Komics
Heather by Kookie
Hector by CosmicFizzo
Heidi by CosmicFizzo
Helen by Colts
Hilla by Tamatim
Himari by Spumoni
Hino Alho by Almei
Hiroto by Sag
Hoang by Drama Watcher
Holden by Sag
Holly by Bassettt
Holly by Jacobarmada
Holly by James
Holly by MintGold
Holyna by James
Honeymoon by Jupitore
Hunter by Nickito
Hyen Jang by Computerized1052
Hyonjin by Ecopania
Hypno by Ninja Monkey
Hyujin by Jacobarmada

Ian by Ianiant
Ian by Jacobarmada
Ianiant by Ianiant
Ichika by Canyon
Ike by CosmicFizzo
Illura by Ninja Monkey
India by -NeonRaccoon-
Iris by Ecopania
Irina by EndermanTuxedo
Isaiah by Neverlander_Ibzy
Ivana by Drama Watcher
Ivette by Jacobarmada

Jack by Canyon
Jack by Tamatim
Jackie by Jacobarmada
Jackie by Nίκοs
Jackson by Jacobarmada
Jackson by James
Jacob by Drama Watcher
Jacob by EndermanTuxedo
Jacquelyn by CosmicFizzo
Jacqui by Ducky Mioda
Jacy by marrxl
Jade by -NeonRaccoon-
Jaguar by Nίκοs
Jaiden by Feng
Jake by James
Jake by -NeonRaccoon-
Jake by Ecopania
Jamaica by Tamatim
James by James
Jamie by ChurroSalesman25
Jane by ChurroSalesman25
Jane by Phil
Janette by Jacobarmada
Janifyr by Overbord
Jannah by James
Jared by Maestro
Javier by -NeonRaccoon-
Jay by ChurroSalesman25
Jay by CosmicFizzo
Jay by Ecopania
Jay by The Gameria Expert
JayJay by Jacobarmada
Jayle by James
Jayn by ChurroSalesman25
Jayson by James
Jean by Bassettt
Jean by -NeonRaccoon-
Jeddah by Overbord
Jeff by Drama Watcher
Jeff by Letsplay21
Jeff by Tamatim
Jeffrey by Nίκοs
Jeiny by James
Jelle by ChurroSalesman25
Jenah by -NeonRaccoon-
Jennelle by -NeonRaccoon-
Jennifer by Canyon
Jennifer by James
Jennifer by Maestro
Jenny by Tamatim
Jeremiah by -NeonRaccoon-
Jeremy by James
Jerome by CosmicFizzo
Jerome by Ecopania
Jerry by Canyon
Jerry by Tamatim
Jess by Tamatim
Jessica by JEBZ Komics
Jessica by Kookie
Jett by CosmicFizzo
Jewel by Carmaban
Jill by James
Joane by Carmaban
Joaquin by Nίκοs
Joe by James
Joe by Maestro
Joel by James
Joey by JEBZ Komics
John by -NeonRaccoon-
John by Colts
Johnny by Nickito
Jolene by Drama Watcher
Jonathan by Drama Watcher
Jordan by Feng
Jordan by James
Jordan by -NeonRaccoon-
Jorja by Neverlander_Ibzy
José by ChurroSalesman25
Joseph by MintGold
Joshua by Kookie
Joshua by -NeonRaccoon-
Joshua by Phil
Josie by CosmicFizzo
Josie by Rocky
Journee by Soul Survivor
J-Ron by Kookie
Jucylenne Jr. by Almei
Judy by James
Judy by MintGold
Judy by Raph
Julia by Nickito
Juliana by Colts
Julie by CosmicFizzo
Julie by KeinkoMusic
Julie by Tamatim
Juliette by Ecopania
Julio by Ecopania
Jun by -NeonRaccoon-
June by CosmicFizzo
Junior by blue175

Kade by James
Kaede Tamiyo by everyonehatessuzuki
Kai by Bassettt
Kai by Neverlander_Ibzy
Kakeru by Sag
Kale by Overbord
Kalvin by Kookie
Kandi by MintGold
Kane by Phil
Kaori by Jacobarmada
Kara by Jacobarmada
Karen by Jacobarmada
Karen by Tamatim
Kari by Canyon
Karisa by Sag
Kasey by Jacobarmada
Kassidy by Jacobarmada
Kathrie by Jacobarmada
Katie by James
Katie by Nickito
Katu by -NeonRaccoon-
Kaylie by Jacobarmada
Keaton by CosmicFizzo
Keesha by Jacobarmada
Keichi by -NeonRaccoon-
Keiko by Sag
Keit by James
Kelsey by Jacobarmada
Kendall by Jacobarmada
Kendra by Sag
Kenneth by Phil
Kennedy Pariah by everyonehatessuzuki
Kenny by marrxl
Kenton by James
Kenzie by Kookie
Kerana by -NeonRaccoon-
Keverlyn by Feng
Kevin by ChurroSalesman25
Key by James
Khalid by -NeonRaccoon-
Kiefer Maplestick by Ocean Drive
Kiera by Sag
Kioshi by -NeonRaccoon-
Kira by James
Kit by CosmicFizzo
Kit by Overbord
Kody by James
Koji by Overbord
Kora by James
Kora by Spumoni
Kristinne Wheel by Almei
Kristen by Hermes
Kristy by James
Kyle by Overbord
Kyle by The Gameria Expert
Kyoko by The Gameria Expert
Kyoma by Jacobarmada

Lacey by Ecopania
Ladron by Neverlander_Ibzy
Lallan by ChurroSalesman25
Lamar by Ecopania
Lamar by Spumoni
La'Misha by Jacobarmada
Lan by Drama Watcher
Lana by EndermanTuxedo
Lana by -NeonRaccoon-
Lance by Drama Watcher
Landon by The Gameria Expert
Lara by -NeonRaccoon-
Larkspur by Sag
Larry by Jacobarmada
Larry by Tamatim
Latte by Overbord
Lauren by CosmicFizzo
Lauren by -NeonRaccoon-
Laurie by Jacobarmada
Laurie by James
Laurie by -NeonRaccoon-
Lavender by Neverlander_Ibzy
Lawrence by MintGold
Layla by James
Layla by Stormzee
Layton by James
Lea by Jupitore
Lee by Drama Watcher
Leihann by Jacobarmada
Lela by CosmicFizzo
Len by Overbord
Lena by -NeonRaccoon-
Lennon by CosmicFizzo
Lenora by James
Leo by ChurroSalesman25
Leo by CosmicFizzo
Leo by Stormzee
Leo by Overbord
Leo by Rocky
Leon by Raph
Leona by Sag
Leona by wendykang77
Leonidas by Nίκοs
Leonora by Letsplay21
Leslie by Canyon
Lewis by Ecopania
Lexus by Jacobarmada
Leya by James
Liah by Bassettt
Liberty by Sag
Libya by EndermanTuxedo
Lidy by James
Lielle by Jacobarmada
Lilith by James
Lilliana White by Ocean Drive
Lilly by James
Lily by Colts
Lincoln by CosmicFizzo
Lincoln by Feng
Linda by Rocky
Linda by Ecopania
Lindsay by Drama Watcher
Lindsay by Jacobarmada
Lindsay by Spumoni
Ling by Drama Watcher
Lihn by Drama Watcher
Lionel by Jacobarmada
Lionel by Tamatim
Lionrock by Overbord
Lira by James
Lisa by Drama Watcher
Lizzy by James
Lizzy Olson by Ocean Drive
Logan by Kookie
Logan by -NeonRaccoon-
Lola by Maestro
Lolly by James
London by Bassettt
London by CosmicFizzo
London by Kookie
Lora by Raph
Lorelei by Nίκοs
Lorena by Overbord
Lottie Brulee by Ocean Drive
Louis Olson by Ocean Drive
Louisa by Kookie
Louisa by Stormzee
Luana by MintGold
Lucas by Ianiant
Lucas by James
Lucas by Ninja Monkey
Lucia by Canyon
Lucia by Tamatim
Lucien by Sag
Lucky by Drama Watcher
Lucy by Canyon
Lucy by James
Luis by Overbord
Lukas by Sag
Luke by Jacobarmada
Luke by James
Luke by JEBZ Komics
Luke by Rocky
Lulu by Qualityghosst
Luna by CosmicFizzo
Luna by Nίκοs
Luna by Petey K
Lune by Bassettt
Luni by Petey K
Luno by MintGold
Luzza Oxige by Almei
Lyla by -NeonRaccoon-
Lynn by James
Lyon by -NeonRaccoon-

Mabel by -NeonRaccoon-
Mace by Overbord
Macy by Ianiant
Mackenzie by Ducky Mioda
Maeve by MintGold
Maggie by Drama Watcher
Mai by Drama Watcher
Maisy Olson by Ocean Drive
Malaysia by Ianiant
Malik Decker by Ocean Drive
Malinda by James
Manon Brulee-White by Ocean Drive
Mao by Nίκοs
Marc by Soul Survivor
Marda by marrxl
Mardelaine by Computerized1052
Marel by marrxl
Margaret by Jacobarmada
Margaret by -NeonRaccoon-
Margot by CosmicFizzo
Margot by Nίκοs
Maria by Nickito
Maria by Tamatim
Marilynn by Ianiant
Marinara by Tamatim
Marisa by CosmicFizzo
Marisola by Jacobarmada
Marissa by Nίκοs
Mark by James
Mark by MintGold
Markus by Ianiant
Markus by -NeonRaccoon-
Marshall by Sag
Martin by Jacobarmada
Martin by Phil
Marvin by Nίκοs
Marvyn by James
Marzia by Petey K
Mateo by -NeonRaccoon-
Matheo by Sag
Matilde by Maestro
Matthew by James
Maui by Overbord
Max by James
Max by Tamatim
Maximus by CosmicFizzo
Maxine by Computerized1052
May by Tamatim
Maya by Neverlander_Ibzy
McKinley by MintGold
Megs by Petey K
Meilky by Letsplay21
Melissa by CosmicFizzo
Melody by Bassettt
Meo by Overbord
Mercedes by Hermes
Merry by Tamatim
Meyana by Jacobarmada
Mi by Maestro
Mia by Letsplay21
Mia by CosmicFizzo
MIcah by Sag
Michael by James
Michaela by Hermes
Michella by Carmaban
Michelle by Nickito
Michelle by Obed ART
Miguel by Colts
Mike by James
Mike by Tamatim
Milan by Overbord
Milan by Maestro
Miles by marrxl
Millie by The Gameria Expert
Milly by James
Minh by Drama Watcher
Minitta/Supermitta by Tamatim
Minji by Sag
Minnie by Ninja Monkey
Minseok by Jacobarmada
Miranda by Sag
Misty by MintGold
Mitchie by Jacobarmada
Mitsuki by Sag
Miyu by Ducky Mioda
Mizuki by -NeonRaccoon-
Moira by -NeonRaccoon-
Mollie by Ninja Monkey
Molly by Canyon
Molly by Kookie
Molly by Ianiant
Molly by The Gameria Expert
Molly Baxter by everyonehatessuzuki
Monika by ChurroSalesman25
Monroe by blue175
Montague by Ianiant
Montana by CosmicFizzo
Moolah Decker by Ocean Drive
Morgan by Qualityghosst
Morgan by Phil
Morgana by -NeonRaccoon-
Morika by Jacobarmada
Moxi by Neverlander_Ibzy
Mr. Anderson by Ianiant
Mustafa by Ecopania
Myoko by Jacobarmada
Myra by Neverlander_Ibzy
Myriam by CosmicFizzo
Myrtle by MintGold
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For some reason, I lost all of these. What a shame. I'll always remember bon appebleep, Soulja Boy didn't tell em, and Zuko's iconic trampoline quote. Pensive
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Nadia by Jacobarmada
Nadine by Kookie
Naeham by Jacobarmada
Nai by Ianiant
Nam by -NeonRaccoon-
Nancy by CosmicFizzo
Nancy by Tamatim
Naomi by Stormzee
Naomi by James
Naomi by MintGold
Narwhal by Overbord
Natalie by CosmicFizzo
Nathan by Ducky Mioda
Nathaniel by Phil
Neander by Ianiant
Nebet by -NeonRaccoon-
Nefera by -NeonRaccoon-
Neil by Ianiant
Neil by CosmicFizzo
Nellie by Jacobarmada
Nelly by Stormzee
Nelly by -NeonRaccoon-
Nelson by Ecopania
Neve by Neverlander_Ibzy
Nia by Kookie
Nicki by Kookie
Nicky by Jacobarmada
Nicole by Nickito
Nigel by CosmicFizzo
Niko by CosmicFizzo
Nina by Tamatim
Noah by Jacobarmada
Noah by Nίκοs
Noelle by CosmicFizzo
Noen by ChurroSalesman25
Noire by -NeonRaccoon-
Nolan by Canyon
Noland by Phil
Nope by Overbord
Nora by Jacobarmada
Norah by Kookie
Nova by Linchy

Obed by Obed ART
Ocean by CosmicFizzo
Ocean Drive by Ocean Drive
Ode by CosmicFizzo
Odea by Ianiant
Officer Jones by Ninja Monkey
Oku by Phil
Olga by -NeonRaccoon-
Oliver by James
Oliver by Nίκοs
Oliver by -NeonRaccoon-
Oliver by Spumoni
Olivia Adisa by everyonehatessuzuki
Olivier by Bassettt
Opal by CosmicFizzo
Opple by Overbord
Ori by Drama Watcher
Oriane by Ducky Mioda
Oscar by Jacobarmada
Oscar by James
Oscar by Nίκοs
Oscar by MintGold
Otto by The Gameria Expert
Owen by ChurroSalesman25
Owen by Neverlander_Ibzy
Owen by Nίκοs
Ozzie by Nίκοs

Pablo by Drama Watcher
Pablo by Maestro
Pac by James
Paddy by Letsplay21
Paige by Jacobarmada
Palindroma by Ianiant
Pamela by -NeonRaccoon-
Parker by Nίκοs
Parry by Tamatim
Patrick by Canyon
Patty by CosmicFizzo
Paul by James
Paul by Stormzee
Paul by -NeonRaccoon-
Paulina by Ianiant
Paxton by Kookie
Pearl by Ianiant
Pearl by Overbord
Peebie by Petey K
Pen by KeinkoMusic
Pen by Qualityghosst
Penelope by Petey K
Pepper by MintGold
Percy by CosmicFizzo
Persimmon by CosmicFizzo
Pestie by Tamatim
Peter by Canyon
Peter by James
Peter by The Gameria Expert
Petra by CosmicFizzo
Philip by Canyon
Philip by Tamatim
Phillip by Stormzee
Phillip by Qualityghosst
Phoebe by Bassettt
Phoebe by Drama Watcher
Phoebe by Nίκοs
Phoebe by MintGold
Phoebe by Soul Survivor
Phoenix by Kookie
Phoenix by Nίκοs
Pierce by CosmicFizzo
Pierce by Kookie
Piero by James
Pierre by CosmicFizzo
Piper by Neverlander_Ibzy
Po by Qualityghosst
Polly by -NeonRaccoon-
Preston by Neverlander_Ibzy
Prinn by Tamatim
Priscilla by Ianiant
Professor Sub-Zero by Ninja Monkey

Qarzlina by wendykang7
Quatchi by Ducky Mioda
Quentin by -NeonRaccoon-
Quishelle by Jacobarmada
Q-Zyx by Ianiant

Rachel by James
Rachel by Raph
Radford by JEBZ Komics
Randall by Jacobarmada
Randy by Nickito
Randy Higgs by everyonehatessuzuki
Raul by James
Raven by -NeonRaccoon-
Raymond by Drama Watcher
Raymond by James
Rayna by Sag
Rebecca Cardoso by Almei
Rebecca by Canyon
Rebel by Petey K
Reed by CosmicFizzo
Reese by MintGold
Reggie by CosmicFizzo
Regina by Ecopania
Reilly by Nίκοs
Remington by Computerized1052
Renée by Sag
Reuben by Jacobarmada
Reuben by MintGold
Reuben by Overbord
Ricardo by Jacobarmada
Ricardo by -NeonRaccoon-
Rich by -NeonRaccoon-
Rick by Canyon
Rick by -NeonRaccoon-
Ricky by Phil
Riku by Canyon
Riku by Jacobarmada
Riley by Bassettt
Riley by Tamatim
Rina by Tamatim
Rio by MintGold
River by Neverlander_Ibzy
RJ by MintGold
Rob by Nickito
Robert by Canyon
Roberto by Jacobarmada
Rocco by CosmicFizzo
Rocky by Rocky
Rodney by James
Rodney by Phil
Roderick by James
Rodney by ChurroSalesman25
Rodrick by Ianiant
Rokko by MintGold
Roman by Drama Watcher
Romulo Honey by Almei
Ron by Drama Watcher
Ronald by Drama Watcher
Ronald by Tamatim
Ronaldo by Overbord
Rory by Sag
Rosa by Tamatim
Rosaleen by -NeonRaccoon-
Rose by Jacobarmada
Roseanne by Sag
Rosie by Canyon
Ross by Jacobarmada
Ross by Neverlander_Ibzy
Rosy by James
Rowan by CosmicFizzo
Rowan by Sag
Ruby by Drama Watcher
Ruby by Ianiant
Ruby by Nickito
Rudy Addams by everyonehatessuzuki
Rue by CosmicFizzo
Rumer by -NeonRaccoon-
Russ by Kookie
Russell by Drama Watcher
Russell by Jacobarmada
Rusty by Nίκοs
Ruth by -NeonRaccoon-
Ruto by Ianiant
Ryan by Drama Watcher
Ryder by -NeonRaccoon-
Ryder by Phil
Ryland by -NeonRaccoon-
Rylee by Rocky
Ryker by CosmicFizzo

Sair by Overbord
Saje by Ianiant
Sakura by Drama Watcher
Sal Brulee by Ocean Drive
Sally by Canyon
Sally by Ianiant
Sally by Overbord
Salome by Overbord
Salt by MintGold
Sam by -NeonRaccoon-
Samantha by MintGold
Samantha by PastaFan3000
Samika by Jacobarmada
Samuel by Phil
Sandra by Jacobarmada
Sandra by -NeonRaccoon-
Sanya by Ecopania
Sarah by James
Sarge Guy by Ninja Monkey
Savannah by Raph
Sawyer by Kookie
Scooter by JEBZ Komics
Scott by Sag
Scythe by CosmicFizzo
Seamus by -NeonRaccoon-
Sean by -NeonRaccoon-
Sebastian by CosmicFizzo
Sedia by Bassettt
Sehi by Tamatim
Seiko by -NeonRaccoon-
Sejung by Jacobarmada
Selene by Sag
Sellly by James
Selma by -NeonRaccoon-
Sephalia by Phil
Sequin by Computerized1052
Serena by James
Serena by Phil
Sergio by -NeonRaccoon-
Setchang by James
Seth by Bassettt
Seung by -NeonRaccoon-
Shadow Cat by Ninja Monkey
Shae by -NeonRaccoon-
Shane by Nickito
Shannon by Nickito
Sharby by Jacobarmada
Sharel by James
Sharleze by Computerized1052
Shawn by Jacobarmada
Sheila by Jacobarmada
Sheila by Kookie
Shelby by Ecopania
Shelby by Ianiant
Shelby by Jacobarmada
Shelly by Jacobarmada
Shep by CosmicFizzo
Sherry by -NeonRaccoon-
Shiloh by CosmicFizzo
Shintaro by Drama Watcher
Shuriken by MintGold
Shunsuke by -NeonRaccoon-
Sidney by CosmicFizzo
Silence by Overbord
Simon by Ecopania
Simon by Ninja Monkey
Simon by Tamatim
Simona by Nίκοs
Sina by James
Sizz by Ducky Mioda
Skye by CosmicFizzo
Smith by ChurroSalesman25
Solam by Jacobarmada
Solar by MintGold
Soleil by -NeonRaccoon-
Somchai by Sag
Sophia by Ianiant
Sophie by CosmicFizzo
Soraya by -NeonRaccoon-
Sparrow by Petey K
Spencer by Bassettt
Spiro by marrxl
Stacey by Drama Watcher
Stacey Decker by Ocean Drive
Stacy by Jacobarmada
Stanlee by Ianiant
Stephanie by CosmicFizzo
Stephanie by Kookie
Stephanie by Tamatim
Stephen by Phil
Sterling by Nίκοs
Steve by Jacobarmada
Steve by James
Suh'ream by ChurroSalesman25
Summer by Nίκοs
Supernova by Ninja Monkey
Susy by Hermes
Sylv by Feng

Tab by Overbord
Tad by James
Taejoon by Jacobarmada
Taeng by CosmicFizzo
Takar by Overbord
Tang by Canyon
Tanner by CosmicFizzo
Tanya by Sag
Tary by James
Teal by Rocky
Techno by ChurroSalesman25
Teddy by Kookie
Telisiane by Overbord
Teresa by Kookie
Terry by MintGold
Thalia by Tamatim
Thebe by marrxl
Theo by PastaFan3000
Theodore by Drama Watcher
Theresa by Drama Watcher
Thiago Graffit by Almei
Thomas by Drama Watcher
Thomas by Jacobarmada
Thomas by James
Thorold by Sag
Timmy by Ninja Monkey
Timothy by Canyon
Tiramisu by Overbord
Toby by Jacobarmada
Todd by Drama Watcher
Tom by Tamatim
Tommy by Computerized1052
Tori by CosmicFizzo
Tori by -NeonRaccoon-
Traci by Bassettt
Travis by Sag
Travis by MintGold
Trent by CosmicFizzo
Trenton by Jacobarmada
Trever Nash by Ocean Drive
Tribal De La Fangio by Almei
Trinity by Kookie
Trip by MintGold
Trisity by Computerized1052
Troy by Neverlander_Ibzy
Tunde Tucker by Ocean Drive
Twyla by -NeonRaccoon-
Tyke Brulee by Ocean Drive
Tyler by James
Tyler by Kookie
Tyler by -NeonRaccoon-
Tyler by Petey K
Tyler, the MC by Almei
Tyreek by Phil

Uriel by CosmicFizzo
Ushe by -NeonRaccoon-

Vadim by MintGold
Valentina Flambé by Almei
Valentino by Nίκοs
Vana by Tamatim
Vanessa by Neverlander_Ibzy
Vanna by Petey K
Varek by Jacobarmada
Vebbenie Ravenna by Almei
Vee by Petey K
Venus by -NeonRaccoon-
Victor by PastaFan3000
Viktor by ChurroSalesman25
Violet by -NeonRaccoon-
Virgo by Feng
Vivian by CosmicFizzo

Wal by Tamatim
Walker by Phil
Walnut by Overbord
Wanda by Nίκοs
Wayne by CosmicFizzo
Wendell by Ecopania
Wes by -NeonRaccoon-
Wesley by marrxl
Willchang by James
William by Tamatim
Willie by Kookie
Winnie by -NeonRaccoon-
Winona by Bassettt
Winston by Jacobarmada
Wosh by ChurroSalesman25
Wyatt by -NeonRaccoon-
Wynnonna by Qualityghosst

Xavier by CosmicFizzo
Xavier by -NeonRaccoon-
Xiao Sheng by Sag

Yasmyn by CosmicFizzo
Yenna by Petey K
Yeruti by -NeonRaccoon-
Yoko by CosmicFizzo
Yoonjae by Jacobarmada
Youseph by Ianiant
Yumi by Drama Watcher
Yusra by Sag
Yuu by -NeonRaccoon-
Yvette by Bassettt

Zachary by Drama Watcher
Zack by Tamatim
Zaid by -NeonRaccoon-
Zaman by Ninja Monkey
Zane by James
Zara by Rocky
Zed by James
Zee by Feng
Zeke by Neverlander_Ibzy
Zeke by Overbord
Zela by James
Zelda by Feng
Zev by -NeonRaccoon-
Zhang by Drama Watcher
Zia by Overbord
Zinnia by Sag
Zip by Ninja Monkey
Zoey by Kookie
Zoey by -NeonRaccoon-
Zuke by Ninja Monkey
Zulek by Overbord
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Hi, I'm Kory.

Awesome quotes:
For some reason, I lost all of these. What a shame. I'll always remember bon appebleep, Soulja Boy didn't tell em, and Zuko's iconic trampoline quote. Pensive
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FC Topics/FC Q&A & Discussion Topics

Breadstick: N/A
Ducky Mioda:
JEBZ Komics:
Ninja Monkey:
Obed ART:
Petey K:
Power of Tea:
sus: N/A

FC Archives

Almei: N/A
Bassettt: N/A
blue175: N/A
Carmaban: N/A
ChurroSalesman25: N/A
Computerized1052: N/A
Ducky Mioda:
everyonehatessuzuki: N/A
Jacobarmada: N/A
JEBZ Komics: N/A
Kief: N/A
Letsplay21: N/A
Maestro: N/A
mika: N/A
Nickito: N/A
Nίκοs: N/A
Ninja Monkey: N/A
Obed ART: N/A
Overbord: N/A
Petey K: N/A
Power of Tea:
Qualityghosst: N/A
Raph: N/A
Rocky: N/A
sus: N/A
Toph: N/A
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Hi, I'm Kory.

Awesome quotes:
For some reason, I lost all of these. What a shame. I'll always remember bon appebleep, Soulja Boy didn't tell em, and Zuko's iconic trampoline quote. Pensive
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« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2020, 03:34:45 PM »

Nice, hope u'll like it.

don't exepct me coming active, here as soon as possible.
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Hello, I'm Creameo!

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Here before it's pinned I'm so cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

Iconic Quotes:
Oh sweet home Alabama what have I done
Brother E: Good gripping gravy, these Facebook comments are so salty and spicy!
Thursday will be lit and full of salt.
you will perish.
If you want To Go, just go!
I wouldn't be surprised if they whipped it out in September. Like "Lol release date is DD/MM/YYYY... Oh bloop that's tomorrow lma0"
notice how you're not special
notice this graaaaaaph
Yes I see you being a ho
it looks like all these posts were created by hippies
pipper pig lol
papas stomach doctor mia???
What do you expect from a crab who wipes his butt with money?
A massive delete wave?
Smol Mac
I would only eat sausage on buns.
Brother E: I was being SaRcAsTiC.
Also, I remember that topic now. It was for the TWG.
Xolo, more like Brolo, am I right?
So much nightmare fuel, I love it!
Times flies when you just see characters die one after the other I guess
I'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease; make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.
A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City!
Matt [Feb 13 02:16 PM]:   hey
Okay I made one in a similar style: Pensive
I have two balls to send...
And I’m Peppa Pig! Snnmoorr
10 Haunting Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster.
Rico's Intense Anus
i'm not in the mood to lose brain cells please talk to somebody else
Brother E: Wow, a lot of simps here!
But Fortunatley, Cupcakes with tampons saved him
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Nice to see this get revived! Smiley

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Aaron by Stan Loona
Abbie by Petey K
Acacia by Salt
Adam by Tamatim
Adrian by Kaito
Adriana by Stan Loona
Aiden by Salt
Aiyla by Salt
Akemi by -PastelPenguins-
Alex by Salt
Alex by James
Alex by Stan Loona
Alexa by James
Alexander by James
Alex Olson by Dakal
Alice by JEBZ Komics
Alice by -PastelPenguins-
Alicia by Salt
Alistair by -PastelPenguins-
Allegra by Kaito
Allison by -PastelPenguins-
Allucard by -PastelPenguins-
Alyssa by -PastelPenguins-
Amber Inferno by Ninja Monkey
Ammon by -PastelPenguins-
Analia by -PastelPenguins-
Anchovy Minks by everyonehatessuzuki
Andrew by JEBZ Komics
Andrew by -PastelPenguins-
Angel by -PastelPenguins-
Ann by -PastelPenguins-
Arcadia by Stan Loona
Archie by Salt
Arien by -PastelPenguins-
Aries by Petey K
Ashley by Petey K
Assad by Tamatim
Astro by Kaito
Asunción by -PastelPenguins-
Atlas by Kaito
Audrey by Ibzy
August by Kaito
Auron by -PastelPenguins-
Aurora by Kaito
Austin by -PastelPenguins-
Avarina by -PastelPenguins-
Avery by Salt
Azaleah by Ianiant
Don't forget me, BTW.

don't exepct me coming active, here as soon as possible.
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Better Than Papa!

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« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2020, 03:41:07 PM »

Don't forget me, BTW.
Yeah, there are a bunch of people missing. I'm sure Kory will get to those eventually.

Hello, I'm Creameo!

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Send me a friend request!: JK55556#1290 Smiley

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« Reply #10 on: April 23, 2020, 03:42:19 PM »

Yeah, there are a bunch of people missing. I'm sure Kory will get to those eventually.
Yes, I am just getting the original ones here. If you're missing on here, feel free to send a link.

Hi, I'm Kory.

Awesome quotes:
For some reason, I lost all of these. What a shame. I'll always remember bon appebleep, Soulja Boy didn't tell em, and Zuko's iconic trampoline quote. Pensive
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« Reply #11 on: April 23, 2020, 03:44:41 PM »

Seems like a lot of work to maintain it.
Also add my fcs soon.

I still don't get the point of the signature.

My activity is slightly less now.
Time Traveler
Better Than Papa!

Credit to DaniBifort and Super Boomen :)

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« Reply #12 on: April 23, 2020, 03:46:11 PM »

Yes, I am just getting the original ones here. If you're missing on here, feel free to send a link. Wink

Hello, I'm Creameo!

Have Discord?:
Send me a friend request!: JK55556#1290 Smiley

Feel free to join the Flipline Studios Wiki Discord server! (
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Kingsley is my father.

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« Reply #13 on: April 23, 2020, 04:25:58 PM »

Okay, I got the original list on here with all of the updated names, but that was mentally and physically draining lol. Tomorrow I will add all of the unadded requests from the previous topic, add all of the links, and start adding some new FCs that weren't on here before.

Hi, I'm Kory.

Awesome quotes:
For some reason, I lost all of these. What a shame. I'll always remember bon appebleep, Soulja Boy didn't tell em, and Zuko's iconic trampoline quote. Pensive
Better Than Papa!

Being a coffee roast isn't so bad.

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« Reply #14 on: April 23, 2020, 04:39:37 PM »

Could you add my FC's when you have a chance?

I'm already in May 2020, the future is great!
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