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Author Topic: Holiday Ingredients  (Read 10714 times)
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« on: June 28, 2020, 04:48:21 AM »

Share your ideas for holiday ingredients for Burgeria To Go

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« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2020, 04:57:26 AM »

Bun Ideas:

Valentine's Day: Beetbread Bun
St. Paddy's Day: Barmbrack Bun
Easter: Paska Bun
Starlight BBQ: Smoked Cheddar Bun
Maple Mornings: Cinnamon Bun
Halloween: Ecto Bun
Thanksgiving: Pumpernickel or Pumpkin Bun
Christmas: Yule Spice Bun or Fruitcake Bun

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« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2020, 05:38:35 PM »

Onionfest: Onion Bagel

Summer Luau: Hawaiian Roll

Portallini Feast: Foccacia

Bavaria Fest: Pretzel Bun

Maple Mornings: English Muffin

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« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2020, 02:35:04 AM »

==Holiday Ingredients==
===Maple Mornings===
*Cinnamon Bun (Unlocked with Cooper at Rank 6)
*Mini Sausages (Unlocked on second day of Maple Mornings)
*Sunrise Sauce (Unlocked with Brody at Rank 7)
*Hash Brown Patties (Unlocked on fourth day of Maple Mornings)
*Maple Sauce (Unlocked with Matt at Rank 8)

*Grim Reaper Bun (Black) (Unlocked with Willow at Rank 11)
*Spooky Slaw (Unlocked on second day of Halloween)
*Jack-o-mole (Unlocked with Tohru at Rank 12)
*Octopus (Unlocked on fourth day of Halloween)
*Purple Pesto Sauce/La Catrina Sauce (Unlocked with Iggy at Rank 13)

*Pumpernikiel Bun (Unlocked with Sienna at Rank 16)
*Roasted Turkey (Unlocked on second day of Thanksgiving)
*Gravy (Unlocked with Hank at Rank 17)
*Sweet Potatoes Slices (Unlocked on fourth day of Thanksgiving)
*Peppered Pumpkin Sauce (Unlocked with Big Pauly at Rank 18)

*Fruitcake Bun (Unlocked with Santa at Rank 21)
*Roasted Goose (Unlocked on second day of Christmas)
*Cranberry Sauce (Unlocked with Cecilia at Rank 22)
*Roasted Asparagus (Unlocked on fourth day of Christmas)
*Eggnog Aioli (Unlocked with Chester at Rank 23)

===New Year===
*Cheddar Swirl Bun (Unlocked with Xolo at Rank 26)
*Habaneros (Unlocked on second day of New Year)
*Poutine Sauce (Unlocked with Sasha at Rank 27)
*Eggplant (Unlocked on fourth day of New Year)
*Parmesan Sauce (Unlocked with Mary at Rank 28)

===Valentine’s Day===
*Beetroot Bun (Unlocked with Scarlett at Rank 31)
*Sun-dried Tomatoes (Unlocked on second day of Valentine's Day)
*Heartbeet Arabbiata Sauce (Unlocked with Clair at Rank 32)
*Soppressata (Unlocked on fourth day of Valentine's Day)
*Strawberry Vinaigrette (Unlocked with with Cherissa at Rank 33)

===St. Paddy’s Day===
*Brambrack Bun (Unlocked with Georgito at Rank 36)
*Broccoli (Unlocked on second day of St. Paddy's Day)
*Creamy Green Tomato Sauce or Zesty Pesto Sauce (Unlocked with Skyler at Rank 37)
*Green Peppers (Unlocked on fourth day of St. Paddy's Day)
*Irish Parsley Sauce (Unlocked with Julep at Rank 38)

*Paska Bun (Unlocked with Cletus at Rank 41)
*Pickled Eggs (Unlocked on second day of Easter)
*Hollandaise Sauce (Unlocked with Penny at Rank 42)
*Carrots (Unlocked on fourth day of Easter)
*Blackberry Remoulade Sauce (Unlocked with Wylan B at Rank 43)

===Cinco de Mayo===
*Tostada or Tortilla or Bolillo Bun (Unlocked with Maggie at Rank 46)
*Chorizo Sausage (Unlocked on second day of Cinco de Mayo)
*Guacamole (Unlocked with Mitch at Rank 47)
*Avocadoes (Unlocked on fourth day of Cinco de Mayo)
*Rojo Diablo Sauce (Unlocked with Rhonda at Rank 48)

===Summer Luau===
*Hawaiian Bun (Unlocked with Utah at Rank 51)
*Tuna (Unlocked on second day of Summer Luau)
*Calypso Sauce (Unlocked with Nevada at Rank 52)
*Canned Ham (Unlocked on fourth day of Summer Luau)
*Kilauea Sauce (Unlocked with Chuck at Rank 53)

===Starlight BBQ===
*Cornbread Bun (Unlocked with Boomer at Rank 56)
*Coleslaw/Beef Brisket (Unlocked on second day of Starlight BBQ)
*Mambo Sauce/Lone Star Pit Sauce (Unlocked with Alberto at Rank 57)
*Fried Onion Strings/Pulled Pork (Unlocked on fourth day of Starlight BBQ)
*Smoky Bacon Sauce (Unlocked with Skip at Rank 58)

===Portallini Feast===
*Pepperoni Bun (Unlocked with Olga at Rank 61)
*Meatballs (Unlocked on second day of Portallini Feast)
*Tzatzki Sauce (Unlocked with Wendy at Rank 62)
*Romaine Lettuce (Unlocked on fourth day of Portallini Feast)
*Marinara Sauce (Unlocked with Deano at Rank 63)

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