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Author Topic: Towers' Fan Games: Papa's Popsicleria  (Read 2973 times)
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« on: July 25, 2020, 08:22:36 PM »

Papa's Popsicleria
Idk couldn't think of a better name
Also, credits to Sag for the layout

Chefs: Drakson, Perri, Custom Worker
Location: Portallini Beach, Tacodale
Intro: Papa Louie has invited every single one of his loyal customers to a party to celebrate Starlight Jubilee! Drakson/Perri/CW accept the invitation, and head to Portallini Beach on the assigned date. Everything seems to go perfectly, a delicious BBQ, fireworks lined up on the beach, and even a daredevil show! Before the fireworks show begins, Papa Louie presents his latest restaurant to everyone: Papa's Popsicleria! A place to enjoy delicious popsicles as you walk by Portallini Beach. As the clock hits 10 o' clock, it's time for the fireworks show to begin! 3... 2... 1... KABOOM!!! What???!!! Uh oh, something went wrong... it looks like some fireworks have exploded. But, how? Luckily, nobody was injured, but how could Papa Louie do this?! Unfotunately, Papa Louie is the only suspect, which means he'll have to go to prison until he's proven innocent. But, who'll run the Popsicleria then? Well, Drakson/Perri/CW volunteer to do it. Papa Louie approves it, which means that you're in a charge of the restaurant now! Will you be able to find clues to prove Papa innocent? May it be for our favorite chef!
Outro: TBA
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Order Station
Do you really need an explanation?

Build Station
Choose the popsicles' shapes and flavors here! The first thing you'll have to do is to choose the correct mold for a popsicle. Once you choose that, the fillings menu will open. Select the correct flavor, and fill the mold with the flavored mix. Be sure to fill it up to the line, or else your popsicle will have different sizes. After that, a stick will fall on the popsicle, and it'll move on to the Freeze Station! Repeat this process as many times as the customer requests, that's right, this game has Order Evolution!

- Regular
- Long (Unlocked on Rank 10)
- Round (Unlocked on Rank 26)
- Paw-sicle (Unlocked on Rank 40)
- Roll (Unlocked on Rank 49)
- Cone (Unlocked on Rank 65)

- Vanilla
- Chocolate
- Strawberry
- Watermelon (Unlocked on Day 2)
- Orange (Unlocked on Rank 4)
- Grape (Unlocked on Rank 13)
- Key Lime (Unlocked on Rank 14)
- Cookie Dough (Unlocked on Rank 16)
- Cookies and Cream (Unlocked on Rank 20)
- Bubble Gum (Unlocked on Rank 23)
- Cheesecake (Unlocked on Rank 33)
- Cherry (Unlocked on Rank 37)
- Root Beer (Unlocked on Rank 44)
- Spumoni (Unlocked on Rank 50)
- Hot Pepper (Unlocked on Rank 54)
- Mango (Unlocked on Rank 55)
- Lemon (Unlocked on Rank 57)
- Peach (Unlocked on Rank 60)
- Red Velvet (Unlocked on Rank 62)
- Blueberry (Unlocked on Rank 64)

Freeze Station
Similar to Bake/Cook Stations in other games, but this freezes the popsicles. You can buy alarms and boosters to make this station easier.

Top Station
The first step is choosing the correct popsicles to top. After that, you'll head to the first part, the dipping , were you'll have to dip (duh) the popsicles, though not all customers will order them, so if that's the case, just tap the green arrow. After that, you'll get to the second part, the topping, where you'll have to choose drizzles, shakers, and placeable toppings. Customers can order up to 3 of these per popsicle. Be sure to distribute them evenly!

- Chocolate
- White Chocolate
- Whipped Cream
- Banana (unlocked on Rank 5)
- Deep Purple (Unlocked on Rank 19)
- Orange (Unlocked on Rank 24)
- Blue Moon (Unlocked on Rank 30)
- Red (Unlocked on Rank 36)
- Strawberry (Unlocked on Rank 39)
- Emerald (Unlocked on Rank 42)
- Condensed Milk (Unlocked on Rank 51)
- Deep Blue (Unlocked on Rank 61)

- Banana Drizzle
- Chocolate Drizzle
- Honey Drizzle(Unlocked on Rank 9)
- Blue Moon Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 30)
- Neapolitan Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 38)
- Espresso Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 45)
- Caramel Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 47)
- Sugarplum Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 63)

- Sprinkles
- Chocolate Chips
- Peanuts (Unlocked on Rank 2)
- Toasted Coconut (Unlocked on Rank 15)
- Pecans (Unlocked on Rank 21)
- Yum n' M's (Unlocked on Rank 31)
- Crushed Wafers (Unlocked on Rank 34)
- Mini Mallows (Unlocked on Rank 35)
- Lollipop Bits (Unlocked on Rank 39)
- Pistachios (Unlocked on Rank 41)
- Wildberry Derps (Unlocked on Rank 48)

- Watermelon Pieces
- Sliced Strawberries (Unlocked on Rank 3)
- Toffee (Unlocked on Rank 25)
- Kiwi Slice (Unlocked on Rank 29)
- Pineapple Slice (Unlocked on Rank 59)
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Big Top Carnival:
Big Top Shape (Unlocked on Rank 6)
Popcorn Flavor (Unlocked on Day 2 of BTC)
Caramel Apple Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 7)
Chocolate Banana Slices (Unlocked on Day 4 of BTC)
Chocolate Mini-Bacons (Unlocked on Rank 8)
Comet Con:
Starfruit Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 11)
UFO Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of Comet Con)
Cosmic Coconut (Unlocked on Rank 12)
Astronaut Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 4 of Comet Con)
Purple Burple Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 13)
Tarantula Shape (Unlocked on Rank 16)
Shadowberry Flavor (Unlocked on Day 2 of Halloween)
Blackberry Bark (Unlocked on Rank 17)
Brownie Drizzle (Unlocked on Day 4 of Halloween)
Sugar Skull (Unlocked on Rank 18)
Pumpkin Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 21)
Autumn Leaf Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of Thanksgiving)
Creme Bruleé Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 22)
Mini-Cinnamon Roll (Unlocked on Day 4 of Thanksgiving)
Cinnamon Sugar (Unlocked on Rank 23)
Peppermint Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 26)
Christmas Tree Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of Christmas)
Crushed Candy Canes (Unlocked on Rank 27)
Christmas Jelly Cookies (Unlocked on Day 4 of Christmas)
Santa's Cookies Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 28)
New Year:
Tutti Frutti Filling ( Unlocked on Rank 31)
Midnight Clock Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of New Year)
Creameo Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 32)
Rainbow Creameos (Unlocked on Day 4 of New Year)
Countdown Crunch (Unlocked on Rank 33)
Valentine's Day:
Pomegranate Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 36)
Heart Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of Valentine's Day)
Cherry Cordial Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 37)
Raspberry Bark (Unlocked on Day 4 of Valentine's Day)
Macarons (Unlocked on Rank 38)
St. Paddy's Day:
Choco-Mint flavor (Unlocked on Rank 41)
Shaved Mint (Unlocked on Day 2 of SPD)
Shamrock Shape (Unlocked on Rank 42)
Irish Cream Drizzle (Unlocked on Day 4 of SPD)
Chocolate Coin (Unlocked on Rank 43)
Egg Shape (Unlocked on Rank 46)
Cremebury Eggs Flavor (Unlocked on Day 2 of Easter)
Cotton Candy Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 47)
Jelly Beans (Unlocked on Day 4 of Easter)
Frosted Flower (Unlocked on Rank 48)
Cinco de Mayo:
Horchata Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 51)
Cactus Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of CDM)
Guava Rolls (Unlocked on Rank 52)
Pan Dulce Crumbs (Unlocked on Day 4 of CDM)
Cajeta Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 53)
Summer Luau:
Passionfruit Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 56)
Sunglasses Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of SL)
Tropical Charms (Unlocked on Rank 57)
Luau Punch Drizzle (Unlocked on Day 4 of SL)
Gummy Pineapple (Unlocked on Rank 58)
Starlight Jubilee:
Powsicle Flavor (Unlocked on Rank 61)
Rocket Shape (Unlocked on Day 2 of SJ)
Mulberries (Unlocked on Rank 62)
Blueberry Stars (Unlocked on Day 4 of SJ)
Cherrybomb Drizzle (Unlocked on Rank 63)
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Tutorial - Penny
After Tutorial - Sue
Random - Evelyn
Random - Whippa
Random - Kaleb
Random - Alberto
Random - Little Edoardo
Random - Bruna Romano
Random - Doan
Random - Okalani
Random - Big Pauly
Time Customer - Foodini
Time Customer - Rita
Time Customer - Sean by A Building
Time Customer - Allan
Time Customer - Akari
Time Customer - Pinch Hitwell
Time Customer - Ninjoy
Time Customer - Zoe
Time Customer - Steven
Time Customer - Radlynn
Time Customer - Robby
Time Customer - Crystal
Time Customer - Mousse
Time Customer - Rico
Time Customer - Scooter
Time Customer - Daniela
Time Customer - Hank
Time Customer - James
Time Customer - Hugo
Time Customer - Ripley
Time Customer - Tony
Time Customer - Moe
Time Customer - Tohru
Time Customer - Kasey O
Time Customer - Vincent
Time Customer - Giselle by Sag
Time Customer - Gremmie
Time Customer - Amy
Time Customer - Duke Gotcha
Time Customer - Mary
Time Customer - Brody
Time Customer - Gino Romano
Time Customer - Yui
Time Customer - Skip
Time Customer - Professor Fitz
Time Customer - Mandi
Time Customer - Emmlette
Time Customer - Theresa by Drama Watcher
Time Customer - Edna
Time Customer - Taylor
Time Customer - Fernanda
Time Customer - Peggy
Time Customer - Ember
Time Customer - Kenji
Time Customer - Connor
Time Customer - Olivia
Time Customer - Nick
Time Customer - Kingsley
Time Customer - Hope
Time Customer - Shannon
Time Customer - Elle
Time Customer - Indigo
Day 2 - Roy
Rank 2 - Wally
Rank 3 - Greg
Rank 4 - Trishna
Rank 5 - Janana
Rank 6 - Sprinks the Clown
Rank 7 - Cameo
Rank 8 - Boopsy and Bill
Rank 9 - Johnny
Rank 10 - Cooper
Rank 11 - Iggy
Rank 12 - Matt
Rank 13 - Sarge Fan
Rank 14 - Cecilia
Rank 15 - LePete
Rank 16 - Willow
Rank 17 - Deano
Rank 18 - Wendy
Rank 19 - Rhonda
Rank 20 - Yippy
Rank 21 - Sienna
Rank 22 - Koilee
Rank 23 - Vicky
Rank 24 - Austin
Rank 25 - Ivy
Rank 26 - Santa
Rank 27 - Olga
Rank 28 - Mr. Bombolony
Rank 29 - Chester
Rank 30 - Rudy
Rank 31 - Xandra
Rank 32 - Carlo Romano
Rank 33 - Sasha
Rank 34 - Nye
Rank 35 - Mayor Mallow
Rank 36 - Scarlett
Rank 37 - Cherissa
Rank 38 - Kayla
Rank 39 - Prudence
Rank 40 - C. J. Friskins
Rank 41 - Georgito
Rank 42 - Clover
Rank 43 - Julep
Rank 44 - Skyler
Rank 45 - Timm
Rank 46 - Cletus
Rank 47 - Mindy
Rank 48 - Wylan B
Rank 49 - Rollie
Rank 50 - Liezel
Rank 51 - Maggie
Rank 52 - Mitch
Rank 53 - Franco
Rank 54 - Mesa
Rank 55 - Hacky Zak
Rank 56 - Utah
Rank 57 - Nevada
Rank 58 - Kahuna
Rank 59 - Chuck
Rank 60 - Captain Cori
Rank 61 - Boomer
Rank 62 - Clair
Rank 63 - Marty
Rank 64 - Lisa
Rank 65 - Papa Louie

Sunday - Jojo
Monday - Whiff
Tuesday - Bertha
Wednesday - Charlie by NeonRaccoon
Thursday - Allie by ChurroSalesman25
Friday - Quinn
Saturday - Xolo
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#001 Penny (Tutorial) Favorite Holiday: Easter
Regular Chocolate, dipped in Whipped Cream, with Neapolitan Drizzle, Crushed Wafers (Jelly Beans) and a Sliced Strawberry.
Long Vanilla, dipped in Blue Moon, with Chocolate Drizzle (Cotton Candy Drizzle), Mini Mallows, (Frosted Flower)
Regular Strawberry, dipped in Red,  with Caramel Drizzle, Peanuts, and Sprinkles.

#002 Sue (After tutorial) Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Round Cherry (Peppermint), dipped in White Chocolate, with Espresso Drizzle and Pecans.
Roll (Christmas Tree) Vanilla, with Crushed Wafers (Crushed Candy Canes) and Mini Mallows
Regular (Christmas Tree) Red Velvet, with Peanuts and Sprikles.

#003 Evelyn (Random) Favorite Holiday: Valentine’s Day
Paw-sicle (Heart) Cherry, dipped in Condensed Milk, with Espresso Drizzle (Cherry Cordial) and Honey Drizzle.
Paw-sicle (Heart) Chocolate, dipped in Whipped Cream, with Sugarplum Drizzle, Sprinkles and a Sliced Strawberry (Macaron).
Regular Root Beer, dipped in White Chocolate, with Neapolitan Drizzle and Honey Drizzle.

#004 Whippa (Random) Favorite Holiday: Cinco de Mayo
Regular Vanilla (Horchata), dipped in Whipped Cream, with Mini Mallows and Toasted Coconut.
Roll Cheesecake, dipped in White Chocolate, with Mini Mallows (Pan Dulce Crumbs)
Regular Vanilla (Horchata), dipped in Condensed Milk, with Mini Mallows.

#005 Kaleb (Random) Favorite Holiday: Summer Luau
Regular Grape (Passionfruit), dipped in White Chocolate, with Honey Drizzle and Pecans (Tropical Charms).
Long (Sunglasses) Orange, dipped in White Chocolate, with Caramel Drizzle, Pecans, and Toffee (Gummy Pineapple).
Regular Lime, with Peanuts, Toasted Coconut, and Pecans (Tropical Charms).

#006 Alberto (Random) Favorite Holiday: Starlight Jubilee
Regular Strawberry, dipped in Deep Blue, with Blue Moon Syrup and Chocolate Chips (Mulberries)
Round (Rocket) Red Velvet, dipped in Blue Moon, with Neapolitan Drizzle (Cherrybomb Drizzle) and Peanuts.
Cone Orange, dipped in Banana Dip, with Banana Drizzle , Caramel Drizzle, and a Pineapple Slice (Blueberry Star).

#007 Little Edoardo (Random) Favorite Holiday: New Year
Round Blueberry (Tutti Frutti), dipped in Banana, with Espresso Drizzle (Creameo Drizzle), Peanuts, and Toffee (Rainbow Creameo)
Regular Root Beer, with Caramel Drizzle, Peanuts (Countdown Crunch) and Toffee.
Long (Midnight Clock) Hot Pepper, dipped in Orange, with Toasted Coconut and a Kiwi Slice.

#008 Bruna Romano (Random) Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Regular Cookies and Cream (Pumpkin), dipped in Chocolate, with Espresso Drizzle, Pecans, and Toffee (Mini Cinnamon Roll)
Regular Chocolate, dipped in Chocolate, with Espresso Drizzle, Peanuts (Cinnamon Sugar), and Toffee (Mini Cinnamon Roll)
Regular Cookie Dough, dipped in Chocolate, with Caramel Drizzle (Creme Brulée Drizzle), Peanuts (Cinnamon Sugar), and Pecans.

#009 Doan (Random) Fvorite Holiday: New Year
Long Cookies and Cream, dipped in Chocolate, with Yum n’ M’s, Mini Mallows, (Rainbow Creameo)
Regular (Midnight Clock) Cookies and Cream, dipped in Condensed Milk, with Chocolate Drizzle (Creameo Drizzle), Chocolate Chips, and Mini Mallows (Rainbow Creameo)
Roll Root Beer, with Espresso Drizzle (Creameo Drizzle), Chocolate Chips, and Toffee (Rainbow Creameo).

#010 Okalani (Random) Favorite Holiday: Summer Luau
Round (Sunglasses) Orange, dipped in Blue Moon, with Sugarplum Drizzle, Sprinkles, and Wildberry Derps.
Regular Watermelon, dipped in Banana, with Blue Moon Drizzle, Mini Mallows (Tropical Charms), (Gummy Pineapple)
Round (Sunglasses) Peach, dipped in Strawberry, with Banana Drizzle and Blue Moon Drizzle.

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Better Than Papa!

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Better Than Papa!

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Better Than Papa!

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You can post now!
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Ooh, sounds cool! Also expect making orders to be really time consuming; the Creperia orders took me 3 or 4 hours to make like 40-50 orders lol

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i love the story though lol, papa louie going to prison Laugh

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Papa Louie crimes will be all found..all of them  Evil
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