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Cookies and Cream - 6 (26.1%)
Blue Moon Ice Cream - 17 (73.9%)
Total Voters: 23

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Author Topic: Scooperia's Ice Cream Elimination Contest  (Read 13768 times)
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« Reply #345 on: September 10, 2020, 09:40:59 PM »

good winner
no idea how blue moon made top 10, let alone 2nd, but who cares
Brother E: Same, since it's not that famous of a flavor.

Congratulations to Cookies N Cream though.  That's a good ice cream. Wink

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« Reply #346 on: September 10, 2020, 09:48:58 PM »

Congrats to Cookies & Cream Silly Smile

~Allan and Trishna (or Perri) for next chefs~

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« Reply #347 on: September 11, 2020, 02:22:52 AM »

Congrats to Cookies & Cream Silly Smile

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« Reply #348 on: September 11, 2020, 06:21:19 AM »


Allan and Akari for Next Chefs!
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« Reply #349 on: September 11, 2020, 07:40:09 AM »

Locking this in 3... 2... 1...

Allan and Akari for next chefs. =)
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