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I know I haven't posted in a while, but today is Valentine's Day, so I wanted to post something special. <3333
I still have more Papa Louie ships, but I couldn't fit them all. <33333

* Shelby belongs to me.
* My friend Riss (the one with Quinn) belongs to robe (herself).
* Jeffery (the one with Ember) belongs to my friend Ethan.
* William (the one with Whippa) belongs to my friend Ethan.
* And my friend Ash (the one with Willow) belongs to theirself.


♥ ~ My Important Topics ~ ♥

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♥ ~ My Favorite Customers and Ships ~ ♥
My Favorite Customers:
1. Mousse
2. LePete
3. Radlynn
4. Robby
5. Captain Cori
6. Deano
7. Gremmie
8. Rollie/Whippa
9. Boomer
10. Akari
My Papa Louie Ships:
Me x Mousse
Shelby x LePete
Robe x Quinn
Holly (FC by Robe) x Kayla
Kathryn (FC by Robe) x Ripley
Robby x Captain Cori
Penny x Alberto
Scarlett x Rudy
Olga x Edorado
Mindy x Whiff
Mandi x Tony
Rhonda x Rico
Mary x Sue
Utah x Gremmie
(The Dyna)Moe x (Nin)Joy
Cooper x Prudence
Pickle x Cookie
Greg x Yippy
Sarge Fan x Radlynn
Perri x Austin
Edna x Professor Fitz
Bertha x Pinch Hitwell
Allan x Akari
Hacky Zak x Trishna
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