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It is papa's donuteria!

Coming Soon… Papa’s Donuteria!

Hey Everyone!!

Boy do we have a sweet treat for you all today! Papa’s next restaurant extravagance will be Papa’s Donuteria!!!! Soon, you’ll be cooking up some delicious donuts for all your favorite customers right here at Flipline.com!

Check back each week for more news and sneak peeks of your soon-to-be favorite game, Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: Powder Point

Hey Everyone!

For this week’s sneak peek, we are announcing the location of Papa’s Donuteria!

Get ready for a wild ride as you cook up delicious donuts in the exciting town of Powder Point!  This unique town is located at the foothills of Maple Mountain.

A generation ago, it was nothing more than wide open fields owned by an old sheep herder named Cornelius Powder. He sold the land to a wealthy entrepreneur who envisioned a wondrous city that was equal parts town and amusement park. Powder Point was born and has grown larger and larger each year. Tourists come from all around to experience all the crazy coasters, amusement rides, attractions, and of course… food!

This year, Powder Point is unveiling two star attractions. First is Papa Louie’s newest restaurant extravaganza, Papa’s Donuteria. Second is the the long-awaited new ride, The Sky Ninja. This sleek ride will hold the record as the world’s tallest roller coaster in the world!

Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: New Customer!

Hey Everyone!

For this week’s preview, we are revealing a new customer that will be making their debut in Papa’s Donuteria.

Ever since Scarlett’s Flipdeck, their has been tons of speculation that her boyfriend would be showing up in the next gameria. You guys guessed right and we are excited to introduce you to the newest customer, Rudy!!!

Finally, the full lineup for Scarlett and The Shakers will be in a game. Rudy will be visiting the restaurant once a week as a super picky Closer.

Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: The Dough Station!

Hey Everyone!

This week we bring you the first images of the Dough Station from Papa’s Donuteria!

The Dough Station will be your first step in making a batch of delicious donuts. In this game, customers will be ordering 3 donuts at a time (even though Big Pauly suggested 6… sorry Pauly).

You will begin with dragging 3 dough balls to the work area. You’ll notice we have regular and chocolate dough, with 3 additional doughs to unlock as you play.

From there, you will use the rolling pin to quickly flatten out the dough. Once all three dough balls are rolled out flat, the shape cutters slide up.

You will use the cutters to punch out your customers’ donuts from the dough. Here we have classic “Ring” shaped donuts along with the popular “Round” shape as well. You will unlock additional standard and seasonal shapes as you progress through the game.

Once you have all three donuts cut out, you will move onto the Fry Station, but we will save that for another day. Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: Customization Overhaul!

Hey Everyone!

We have been making some major updates to the custom worker and thought we’d share them with you for this week’s sneak peek!

First off, we streamlined and redesigned the Stats/Clothes/Body interfaces.

For the Clothes section, we made things much more visual by giving each type of clothing their own inventory gallery. This way each piece of clothing is only a few clicks away, instead of the endless blind clicking of the past games.

We also updated the body customization section. For guys, you can now see at a glance all the hairstyles and facial hair options that are available to you. We also added a bunch more hairstyles and facial hair styles for guys.

If you notice, we also added a new slider for your worker’s weight!

You will now be able to easily choose the perfect hair and skin color using our new and improved color swatches! We have also included a wider variety of hair colors to choose from! On top of all that, we also included more makeup and eyebrow options along with more eye shapes!

Even with all these new additions, we kept brainstorming how we can get more variety out of the customers. Last fall when Kingsley hosted the Customerpalooza, we noticed so many of the girl customers looked similar. What we thought was a wide selection of girl hairstyles turned out to be quite limiting, and left people with only a few really cute hairstyles to choose from.

Well that is all about to change! After sitting down and studying girls’ hairstyles, we found that the variety simply came down to the mixing and matching of bangs with a hairstyle. So with that in mind, we completely reworked all the girl hairstyles in the game. We separated the bangs from the body of the hair, added a boat load of new designs, and let you decide how to mix and match them!

 So far we have over 700 possible combinations that you can make between bangs and hairstyles with more to come! Add on hair color and hats, and the amount of unique hairstyles are practically limitless. We’re focusing on girl hairstyles right now, but don’t worry, guys will be getting some new hairstyles too!

Here are some of the different hairstyles and bangs that will be available to you in Papa’s Donuteria!

Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: The Fry Station!

Hey Everyone!

This week we wanted to show off the Fry Station!  Before we dive into the Fry Station, here are a few screenshots to lead into it.

Let’s start on Day 2. It’s a warm August morning and the park is already filled with potential customers.

Alberto is your first customer today. He wants one chocolate ring donut, a regular ring donut, and a chocolate round donut with strawberry jelly (we’ll explain that in a week or two).

After you’ve whipped up the perfect donut shapes in the Dough Station, you will head straight for the Fryer.

Donuts are not baked, grilled or even boiled. A true donut, my friends, is fried to perfection. This usually incorporates a large fryer vat that has room for the donuts to float around.
Something sorta like…

Ahh yes, the good ole’ Fry Station. I can hear the warm dough sizzling as we speak. This vat is quite roomy; accommodating up to a dozen donuts at a time. And with each customer ordering three donuts, that room will be greatly appreciated. Each of the 12 fryer spots has it’s own cooking display that can be upgraded with alarms. Each column has it’s own booster that you can buy from the shop to help speed things along.

The cooking process for donuts is unique for a deep fryer because they automatically float on the surface of the oil. This means that you will need to flip the donuts halfway through their cooking cycle in order for them to be evenly cooked on both sides.

Raw donuts that are fresh from the Dough Station are located on the rack at the bottom of the screen. When a donut is finished cooking, you will send it off to the Build Station via the green √ conveyor. However, we will save the Build Station for another day. So… check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: The Build Station!

Hey Everyone!

This week we wanted to show off the Build Station!  This station is HUGE, and has multiple steps within it.

After you’re done cooking the donuts, you will head over to the Build Station. Upon arrival, you will see all the donuts you have successfully fried up.

You will need to choose three donuts by dragging them to the work tray at the bottom of the screen. Once you have chosen the three, you will be whisked away to the icing/filling stage of the Build Station.

The first thing you should do is check if you have any donuts that need filling. For this order we have one chocolate “round” that needs strawberry jelly. You simply grab the nozzle from the top of the screen and drag it to the donut of choice, and release to fill it up.

Once you finished with the filling, you will want to dip the donuts in the correct icing. You will do that by dragging a donut off of the work tray and over to one of the vats of icing. You will want to line it up level with the vat before releasing the donut into the icing.

Once all three have been iced, you will be moved to the toppings stage of the Build Station. Here you will find all the syrups and shakers you will need to finish off your perfect donuts.

Once your all done, simply drag the ticket to the ticket tent to send it off to the customer to be judged.

Now this may seem like a lot of steps for one station, but don’t worry, we’ve made it super simple to use.

Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: Shops and Inventory

Hey Everyone!

Today we are going to show off some major improvements we are making to the shop and inventory screens.

The first improvement can be found when you go shopping. In previous games, you were forced to flip through tons of pages to get to a certain item. For furniture, it was also difficult to quickly decipher what you already owned.

Now you can use filters to make shopping quicker and more enjoyable. You will be able to turn off all the items you already own and vice versa . On top of that, you can quickly view just the items of a particular theme. So now, if its Christmas time, you can quickly find all the Christmas furniture you don’t own yet.

Once you have purchase some furniture, you’ll probably want to go and decorate your lobby. We have added two new ways to sort your inventory, either by newest to oldest or by holiday. When you sort by holiday, it will start with the current holiday and work its way forward from there.

When shopping for clothing, you’ll have two ways of filtering the shop. You can, for example, filter it to view only the shirts in the shop.

Then, you can narrow your search down even more by viewing just the available shirts for a specific theme. A Theme like…

Given Powder Point’s close proximity to Maple Mountain, it seems fitting that they would also partake in the month long festival of Maple Mornings.

That is all for today’s Sneak Peek, check back soon for more previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: Dining Room!

Hey Everyone!

Great news, we have another sneak peek for you this week!

Back when we released Papa’s Pastaria, we introduced a dining room and the ability to hire a server. It was all great, but the number one question people had was…

“Why doesn’t the server just take the customers order at the table instead of relaying it back to you in line?”

That made a lot of sense, so we made some changes to Donuteria’s dining room. Now dinning room orders are taken directly at the table by the server! Also, we always felt bad for the people eating in the dining room because they were always alone. But not anymore… now they will have someone to share their donuts with!

Check out this in-game shot of Scooter taking Prudence’s order while Matt keeps her company.

Pretty cool right! Well that’s it for now, check back next week for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: The Release Date!

Hey Everyone!

And now…. The BIG news you have all been waiting for… the release date! Next Monday, June 16th, you will finally be able to play Papa’s Donuteria! That’s like 7 days away! Just keep in mind, it will be probably mid-day, eastern time zone, on the 16th.

We will continue with the sneak peeks through out this week, so keep checking back for more info on Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: New Mini-Game!

Hey Everyone!

Today’s Sneak Peek is all about the Mini-Games!

Foodini does a great job breaking up the monotony of a work week with his mini-games. The only problem is that sometimes, halfway through a Gameria, you’ve earned all the prizes and played all the levels. That leaves no real drive to continue playing the mini-games, unless you want to double up on some of the prizes.

So now, you have the ability to earn 3 Rare Prizes per mini-game. To earn the first Rare Prize, you will need to play through all the levels of the mini-game, which is visually shown as 14 bronze stars. To earn the second Rare Prize, you will have to play through 14 levels again, this time with silver stars . To earn the third Rare Prize, as expected, you will need to play through a third time.

With all that technical stuff out of the way, let’s see one of the newest Mini-Games that will be playable after the first day of Papa’s Donuteria. It’s by far our favorite one yet, it’s called Papa’s Raceway:

Papa’s Raceway is a kart racer where you compete head to head with 2 other customers. You’ll need to avoid obstacles, collect coins to speed up, and be the first to cross the finish line!

That’s it for now! Don’t forget Papa’s Donuteria is coming out Monday June 16th!

Sneak Peek: More Hairstyles

Hey Everyone!

As we have previously mentioned, there are tons of new girl hairstyles for your custom worker. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the guys. Papa’s Donuteria will have well over 50 different guy hairstyles to choose from!

Along with all these new hairstyles, we also have some new colors to choose from…

We also made a handful of new hat styles in a variety of colors that you can buy in the shop.

Papa’s Donuteria is shaping up to have the most unique custom workers ever. But even if you choose Tony and Scooter, they’ll have plenty of cool new stuff to wear!

That’s it for now! Don’t forget Papa’s Donuteria is coming out Monday June 16th!

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I think papa's chianesseria
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I think papa's chianesseria
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he means food from china
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he means food from china
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I second that

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I noticed that
November 2011: PNCT for Pancakeria (5th Gameria)
November 2012: Hot Doggeria month (7th Gameria)
November 2013: KCP/Pastaria sneak peeks (9th Gameria)
In November 2014 we will get something related to the 11th Gameria
so we will get this game before November 2014
I think it will be Quesa Mia! (quesadillas are a mexican food that are mentioned in Kenji's flipdeck, hence the "Mia!")
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"-Mia" suffix isn't always for Mexican Food, do you noticed waffles poster in Pancakeria? It says "Waffle Mia!"

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That was the title of Adam's fan game IIRC

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Eventually, I renamed it to "Waffleria".

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ok es una buenisima idea ya quiero que se lanse
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Google Translated: ok is a very good idea and I want you lanse

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