Question: What syrup out of the following is your favorite?
Chocolate - 43 (10.5%)
Vanilla - 39 (9.5%)
Strawberry - 29 (7.1%)
Mint - 29 (7.1%)
Banana - 29 (7.1%)
Purple Burple - 27 (6.6%)
Neapolitan - 45 (10.9%)
Red Velvet - 39 (9.5%)
Blue Moon - 39 (9.5%)
Pumpkin Pie - 19 (4.6%)
Rainbow Sherbet - 38 (9.2%)
Powsicle - 35 (8.5%)
Total Voters: 52

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All except Pumpkin Pie Syrup
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Mint, Neapolitan, Red Velvet and Rainbow Sherbet

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