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Sneak Peek: Colors and Styles

By , December 18, 2017 12:02 pm

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to another sneak peek of Papa Louie Pals! This week we will be showing off the Color and Hair Sections of Papa Louie Pals. First we will dive into the  Color Section.

When you first enter the Color Section, you will be able to choose your Pal’s skin tone. Below the color swatches are tabs for the three subsections,  Skin Color, Hair Color, and Features.


If you click on the Hair Color Tab, you can change the color of your Pal’s hair. Click on the Features tab, and you can choose various types of freckles, moles, and wrinkles.

The next section that we will look at is the  Hair Section.

Here you can change your Pal’s hairstyle. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of styles.


If your Pal has a female body type, you will have two subsection tabs,  Hair style, and Bang style. If your Pal has a male body type, you will have two subsection tabs,  Hair Style and Facial Hair.


That’s it for this week’s preview, stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa Louie Pals!



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