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Wendy’s Wheels: The Super NEF!

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By , April 11, 2024 10:55 am


Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to Wendy’s Wheels! Here we showcase the amazing karts created by Wendy at the Greasy Gear Garage in Maple Mountain.

This week’s exhibit is a custom kart created for Taylor called… The Super NEF. The kart is a nostalgic longbill design inspired by Taylor’s favorite childhood gaming console, the NEF (Neotrendo Entertainment Framework). The Super NEF is equipped with a pixel art instrument panel modeled after the classic game ‘StarShark Turbo Racer.’ When not racing, the kart’s spoiler transforms into a flat-screen monitor, enabling gaming on the go.”


Help Make Radlynn into a Plushie!!!

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By , April 9, 2024 12:20 pm

Hey Everyone!

The Radlynn Plush campaign has begun! Support the Radlynn Plush Now!!!

We have THREE WEEKS to get this plushie into full production, and we really need your help!

Radlynn has arrived, making her debut in magnificent plushy form. No longer confined to waiting in line to place an order, she now eagerly awaits your support for her new plushy campaign.

This aficionado of all things radish is dressed to impress, donning her beloved shirt paying homage to the infamous Radley Madish. Radlynn, with her knit cap pulled low, would be delighted to lounge on your shelf as she enjoys her tiny (and removable) cup of Dr. Cherry.

When the campaign is 100% funded, the Radlynn Plushie is guaranteed to go into production. Also, if this is really successful, it could pave the way for more high-quality customer plushies! So please give us a hand and make this happen! https://www.makeship.com/products/radlynn-plush



Papa’s Paleteria: Sea Lion Expansion!

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By , April 1, 2024 11:00 am

Hey Everyone!

We are preparing to mix things up in Papa’s Paleteria To Go with the upcoming Sea Lion Expansion!

Papa Louie is partnering with the SFSLSC (San Fresco Sea Lion Safety Commission) to bring his delicious Paletas to a whole new customer base… sea lions!

During the summer, your Food Truck will be stationed at the Sea Lion Sanctuary on Beluga Beach. Here you will be able to experiment with Paletas that combine both savory and sweet flavors for all your flippered friends to enjoy.

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