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Jacksmith Sword Making Part 1: Casting

By , August 29, 2012 8:41 am

Hey Everyone!

We have more details on Jacksmith’s role as a blacksmith! Fans of Papa’s Gamerias will be glad to know that the weapon making process will be completely hands on in this game. Much like it takes skill to build the perfect taco, it will take skill to build the perfect sword. We will just focus on the first aspect of sword making which is the casting process.

First you will choose a mold of the sword you wish to craft. From there, you will choose the type of metal ore that the sword will be made of. Once you have chosen your ore, it drops into the Cauldron and begins the melting process. Each ore takes a different time to melt, and if you heat it up too long, the metal can degrade and result in a brittle sword. Once the ore is ready to be used you have to carefully pour it into the mold. Pouring too fast can results in spillage and a misshapen sword.




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