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Quinn’s Q&A: Filesize, Pinch Hitting, and a Mysterious Land

By , February 19, 2013 4:40 pm
Question 1:
Where did Sarge come from?
Answer 1:
Sarge and his minions come from the Land of Munchmore. Not much is known about this mysterious land that is populated by all sorts of wild, semi-intelligent food. Professor Fitz seems to think that it is a parallel world, a sort of alternate dimension. It appears that the only way to travel between worlds is through strange portals. When Sarge kidnapped the customers, these portals appeared within each of the apartments above Papa’s Pizzeria.
Question 2:
Why were some customers absent in Burgeria, Freezeria, and Pancakeria?
Answer 2:
When making a Gameria, we try to keep the game’s filesize relatively low to keep load times fast. Some of those games (especially Pancakeria) were reaching our self imposed filesize cap, so we had to cut out some of the customers. However, as global internet speeds continue to increase, we have slowly raised our filesize cap. This means that some of the newer Gamerias have included all the current customers. Now that is the technical reason, but we much prefer the fun reasons, like Allan moving away for a few years or Mary’s fear of sailing.
Question 3:
Once in Papa’s Hot Doggeria, Pinch Hitwell came in with a different uniform. Why does he change his outfit so much?
Answer 3:
Pinch is a professional pinch hitter for Griller Stadium. Griller Stadium is an independent ballpark and each week it hosts a new home team. Pinch Hitwell’s plays for whoever is currently the home team. That is why you will see Pinch in a different uniform each week.

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