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Sneak Peek: The Top Station!

By , February 29, 2016 10:56 am

Hey Everyone!

This week we get to show you the final station in Papa’s Bakeria… The Top Station!! Once your pie has finished baking, you will head on over to the Top Station to put the finishing touches on it.

You will notice on the ticket that there are three columns with pink bulls-eyes shaded in different ways. Each column represents a topping with its icon at the top.

The first is column is for Shaved Chocolate. It is a “pour-able” so there is no number below it. Its bulls-eye is completely shaded in, which means you will sprinkle the Shaved Chocolate over the entire pie.

The second column is Whipped Cream. In Papa’s Bakeria, Whipped Cream comes in two forms: Spray and Dollops. This column calls for 8 Whipped Cream Dollops. For this bulls-eye, you’ll notice only the outer ring is shaded in, meaning that you need to place 8 dollops of Whipped Cream evenly around the edge of the pie.

Now that you understand this whole bulls-eye system, you can see that the third column is for one single Cherry placed in the center of the pie.

Once you’re all done topping the pie, you will drag the ticket to the green ticket-tent to serve the order.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Bakeria!!



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