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Sneak Peek: Slide Down!

By , September 5, 2016 11:45 am

Hey Everyone!

As you know, we announced our newest game, Slider Scouts. It will be our first Free App, and will work on both tablets and phones. You always start the game outside of the lodge. In previous posts, we have shown you all the things you can do when you slide right, left, and up. Now, all that is left is to slide down!

On a normal outing, you’ll see two different count-down placards. The one above you will count down the amount of coins you need before the Slider Shrine awakens. However, the one below will count down the time before a special visitor arrives at the camp. In this example, you have 30 seconds before she arrives.

When the time is up, the lower gate will open, and your friend, Prizella, will be waiting for you. Simply slide your scout down to greet her, and Prizella will present you with a gift. Here, she has managed to bring you a giant pink refrigerator for your Scout Lodge. NICE!!!



Good news, Prizella is not the only visitor you’ll see at camp! Once in awhile, your good friend Addie will show up to give you a chance to earn some extra coins.

When Addie shows up, you can slide down to great him. From there, he will show you one of his many colorful Advertisements, and in exchange, he will give you a bag of coins for your patience. But don’t worry, Addie’s feelings wont be hurt if you don’t have time to greet him, he totally understands.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Slider Scouts!


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