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Sneak Peek: The Stations!

By , May 2, 2017 4:33 pm

Hey Everyone!

For this weeks Sneak Peek, we wanted to show off the new and improved stations in Papa’s Pancakeria HD!

First you will head to the lobby to take your customers order.

After your customer is done giving you their order, you’ll want to head over to the Grill Station.

You’ll noticed we’ve updated this station from the original version to include ¬†four individual boosters. Pour batter on the grill for pancakes and cook up the dipped bread to make french toast. You’ll want to flip them halfway through in order to evenly cook them. You can also add mixables while they are cooking to make delicious combinations like chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry french toast. When your pancakes and french toast are finished, drag them onto the green checked tray to send them to the Build Station.

Here, we’ve changed a few things from the original web-game version. Instead of one big stack of cooked breads, we have now organized them into groups along the bottom of the screen. We also made room for some additional Holiday Ingredients to add to your orders. When you are done building your stack of pancakes, click on the green arrow to send it to the Drink Station.

For Papa’s Pancakeria HD, we decided to make the Drink Station unlocked from the get-go! Here you will choose the cup size, pour the drink, and add the mixable. So you can have combinations like Coffee with Sugar, Decaf Coffee with Cream, and Orange Juice with Ice. You can also make and save multiple drinks ahead of time in this station. To keep things festive, each holiday will come with it’s own unique drink and glasses! Once you have made the correct drink, simply drag it to the drink target on the tray. Then drag the corresponding ticket to the ticket tent and send it off to your patiently waiting customer.

Haha, looks like I took a bit too long taking screenshots of the game when I made Trishna’s order. Still not too bad though.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Pancakeria HD!



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