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Peggy’s Fan Art Round Up!

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By , January 24, 2017 10:50 am

Hey Everyone,

We had a huge amount of fan art this month. Check out this awesome art from MsMannie, RockPurple, ObedART2015, rickathecooperfan, aronora, 763Lilypadpandaowl, Lemonade813, Ochakento, Sunshine0006, FraKow49, Chozam, NeutralRebellion, Katonator, DokiDokiTsuna, Kris1212, Uskov R.

Sliderday: Awesome Saucer

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By , January 21, 2017 11:00 am

Hey Everyone!

Today’s Scout Spotlight is the otherworldly, Awesome Saucer. This strange scout is visiting the camp to learn more about the many unique inhabitants of this world. Awesome Saucer hovers close to the ground to better blend in with the rest of the scouts.

Who has been lucky enough to get their very own Awesome Saucer?
If not, go get our newest FREE game, Slider Scouts, and try it out!




Foodini’s Friday Games

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By , January 20, 2017 11:01 am
Diggy 2
Help Diggy drill deep into the moon. Use the treasures you find to upgrade your drill and get to the bottom of this lunar mystery. Play Now!
Super Mall
Welcome to Super Mall! Can you make a million in 30 days?
Play Now!
(Classic) Take your paper airplane to new heights in Flight! Make your way out of london by collecting points and upgrading your paper airplane. Play Now!

Flipdeck 178: Skyler

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By , January 19, 2017 4:58 pm

First Appearance:
Skyler is a student studying Jewelry and Metals, a bachelor degree offered at the Toastwood Institute of Art. As an avid steampunk fan, she spends long hours after class crafting tons of accessories. Each year Skyler travels to Oniontown to take part in Sprocketworld, an underground steampunk convention. There, she shows off her newest costume in hopes of winning gold in the annual cosplay competition.


Travel Trout Tours: Hugo’s Warped Records

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By , January 16, 2017 11:37 am

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to Travel Trout Tours. This week we are in Tastyville to visit Hugo’s Warped Records.

This one-of-a-kind record shop is run by local celebrity, DJ Honey Buster, AKA Hugo. Here you will find rare vinyl records of the past along with new pressings of indie hits. Hugo’s Warped Records is the last of its kind, a stalwart to music’s heyday, and a mecca for avid collectors.

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