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Sneak Peek: Vincent and Coupons!

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By , April 25, 2017 3:50 pm

Hey Everyone!

Have you heard who’s coming to Maple Mountain? Why it’s your favorite mailman, Vincent!

Along with his smiling face, Vincent will also be bringing Customer Coupons with him!

Customer Coupons were first introduced in Papa’s Sushiria last year, and this will be the first time they are used in an HD Gameria. After you purchase coupons from the shop, you can have Vincent deliver them to specific customers to lure them back to Papa’s Pancakeria.

For more information on exactly how they will work, you can read the original post about them.

Vincent is excited to try out those pancakes!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Pancakeria HD!


Flipdeck 185: Seraphang

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By , April 24, 2017 3:57 pm

First Appearance:
Seraphangs are a form of Daggerbites that have been enchanted with elemental wind. Seraphangs are incredibly light, and the slightest turbulence created by a heavy blade allow them to easily dodge attacks. Other Daggerbite varieties include Cindersnake, Stormserpent, Frostbite, Medusalock, Slitherspark, Venomvine, and Nightwinder. All of these venomous Daggerbites are under the complete control of the great wizard, Dudley.


Foodini’s Friday Games!

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By , April 21, 2017 8:41 am
Monkey Go Happy Chocolate
Collect chocolate buttons and mini monkeys to find the princess and make Monkey Go Happy! Play Now!
Harry Quantum
(Classic) Harry Quantum’s first outing, this time he’s got a job to recover some TV shows for a producer called Mr C who has mislaid them.
Play Now!
Test Subject Blue
(Classic) Test Subject Blue is the first successful sentient blob. With the help of a pressurized suit and proto cannon, it is ready to begin the testing phase. Play Now!

Sneak Peek: Pets!!!

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By , April 18, 2017 3:04 pm

Hey Everyone!

This week we are showing off a brand new addition to Papa’s Pancakeria HD… PETS!!!

When the original Pancakeria was launched back in 2012, we had yet to introduce Custom Workers. So the only chef choices were Cooper or Prudence. These two chefs were the first workers to be chosen through out yearly competition, Papa’s Next Chefs. Prudence was one of the only customers at the time to have a pet accompany her to restaurants, so we thought it would balance everything out if Cooper also had a pet. Prudence had her pet dog Pickle, and now Cooper had his pet cat named Cookie. Check out their new and improved look for Papa’s Pancakeria HD:

Now, five years later, Papa’s Pancakeria HD will be incorporating many of the new features that we have created throughout the years, including Custom Workers. However, when we started working on Custom Workers it became clear that we would also need a way to choose a pet. That way, the intro and lobby scenes would work the same as they did when Prudence or Cooper were chosen.

So now, when you finish designing your Custom Worker, you will go to a “Choose Your Pet” screen where you can flip through various cats and dogs that are up for adoption.

When you’ve made your choice, you can give your new pet a name and continue on to the game’s intro.

There, you will see your new pet take part in the story leading up to your job at Papa’s Pancakeria. You’ll also find you new pet popping up in the lobby and other places as well.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Pancakeria HD!



Happy Easter!

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By , April 16, 2017 9:30 am

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