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Sneak Peek: Powder Point

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By , April 23, 2014 10:58 am

Hey Everyone!

For this week’s sneak peek, we are announcing the location of Papa’s Donuteria!

Get ready for a wild ride as you cook up delicious donuts in the exciting town of Powder Point!  This unique town is located at the foothills of Maple Mountain.

A generation ago, it was nothing more than wide open fields owned by an old sheep herder named Cornelius Powder. He sold the land to a wealthy entrepreneur who envisioned a wondrous city that was equal parts town and amusement park. Powder Point was born and has grown larger and larger each year. Tourists come from all around to experience all the crazy coasters, amusement rides, attractions, and of course… food!

This year, Powder Point is unveiling two star attractions. First is Papa Louie’s newest restaurant extravaganza, Papa’s Donuteria. Second is the the long-awaited new ride, The Sky Ninja. This sleek ride will hold the record as the world’s tallest roller coaster in the world!

Check back each week for more news and previews of Papa’s Donuteria!

Coming Soon… Papa’s Donuteria!

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By , April 16, 2014 11:03 am

Hey Everyone!!

Boy do we have a sweet treat for you all today! Papa’s next restaurant extravagance will be Papa’s Donuteria!!!! Soon, you’ll be cooking up some delicious donuts for all your favorite customers right here at Flipline.com!

Check back each week for more news and sneak peeks of your soon-to-be favorite game, Papa’s Donuteria!

Sneak Peek: Promo Website

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By , February 20, 2014 4:13 pm

Hey Everyone!

Testing is just about wrapped up for Papa’s Freezeria To Go! Now it needs to go through the review and approval process for each of the app stores, this usually takes a few weeks so be patient. ;)
In the meantime, check out the promo page we put together for… Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Stay tuned for more information on Papa’s Freezeria To Go!


Sneak Peek: Top Station

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By , February 12, 2014 2:22 pm

Hey Everyone!

Good news, Papa’s Freezeria To Go is in the play-testing phase! The game is fully functional, and now we are just playing it like crazy while fixing any bugs that pop up along the way. For today’s Sneak Peek, we wanted to show off the Top Station for Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

With Papa’s Freezeria To Go being for small-screened, mobile devices, we needed the Top Station to work similar to the Build Station in Papa’s Burgeria To Go. This allows for precise topping, without your fingers getting in the way of the action. The difference between Burgeria and Freezeria is that Freezeria has syrups, sprinkles, and cream that need to be spread across the sundae and not simply dropped onto a burger. So now when you line up a syrup/cream/sprinkle instead of just tapping the sundae to make them fall, you will actually drag the sundae left and right while the toppings fall.

The Top Station is divided into several steps. The first step is to pick and pour the cream. With the creams being a separate step, this allowed us to add more flavors beyond just whipped cream and chocolate mousse!

After you have poured the cream, it will automatically move onto the next step which is adding the remaining ingredients. The ingredients are divided into two categories; Pourables and Placeables. The Pourables consist of  syrups and shakers that require you to move the sundae left and right as they pour down.

You can switch between Pourables and Placeables at any point by pressing the Switch button on the left hand side. Placeables need to be lined up according to the correct position according to the order ticket. Once the topping is lined up, just simply tap the sundae to drop it in place.  When you are all finished, just click the green check button and drag the correct ticket down to the ticket holder.

Stay tuned for more information on Papa’s Freezeria To Go!


Sneak Peek: Mix Station!

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By , February 6, 2014 5:19 pm

Hey Everyone!

For today’s Sneak Peek, we wanted to show off the Mix Station for Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

The first thing you’ll notice that is different is the alarms. In the original and HD versions of Papa’s Freezeria, each blender had three alarm buttons above the mix meter. However for the small screens of mobile phones, these buttons proved too small to easily and precisely press with a finger. So we decided to take a different approach similar to Papa’s Burgeria.  Now you have 3 different types of alarms located on the left side of the screen that you can simply drag to the appropriate blender. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use your tips to unlock these upgrades ;)

You may also notice that the boosters no longer have meters above them. That’s because these blenders won’t burn out if you’re nonstop boosting. Gone are the days of jostling around cups on the blender just to get a little more boost. Yeah!!


Stay tuned for more information on Papa’s Freezeria To Go!


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