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Sneak Peek: Slide Left!

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By , August 22, 2016 3:34 pm

Hey Everyone!

As you know, we announced our newest game, Slider Scouts. It will be our first Free App, and will work on both tablets and phones. Last week we showed you what happens when you slide right, so this week we will be sliding left!

We will start outside the lodge, just as you normally do in the game.

From there, you will simply slide your slider to the left to go inside the Scout Lodge. In the first room, you’ll notice several things. All playable Scouts will appear in the room. Simply click on the available Scout to start playing as them. The bottom of the screen shows the five possible scouts in the room. Some of them are playable (blue button), currently in use (grey button), unlocked at a certain rank, or can be purchased directly (green button). At the top of the first room is your Merit Badge display case. Just swipe your slider up in this room to view your badges.


In the display case you will see your current side quest along with any other merit badges you have earned while playing. When you start your adventure, you will be assigned a side quest which will pop up at the bottom of the screen. After you complete the quest, you will earn a merit badge and a reward. Then, after a period of time, you will be assigned a new side quest.


Let’s go back to the Scout Lodge. There are many many rooms in the lodge that are filled with potential Slider Scouts to unlock. Each room is fully customizeable by clicking on the “house” button at the top of the screen. Here you can change the color of the walls, trim, and flooring. You can also scroll through an inventory of furniture that you have earned.


Yes… FURNITURE! As you play the game, you will unlock furniture in various ways that you can use to decorate your rooms. Once you have fully decked out your room, you’ll be ready for the Scouts to party!


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Slider Scouts!

Sneak Peek: Slide Right

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By , August 16, 2016 10:01 am

Hey Everyone!

As you know, last week we announced our newest game, Slider Scouts. It will be our first Free App, and will work on both tablets and phones. This week we wanted to dive right into the gameplay!

The inspiration for Slider Scouts came from a mini-game we created for Papa’s Pastaria called “Slider Escape”. In that mini-game, you can simply slide your Slider Burger up, down, left, and right in order to reach the escape trampoline and claim your mini-game prize from Foodini. Slider Scouts takes that simple premise of a game and evolves it into something really big and wildly fun! So lets begin…

When you start the game, you first come to this splash screen…

You start off as a lone Slider Scout, late for camp. To the left of you is an unusually empty lodge, and to the right is a path that leads to the great outdoors. All you have to do is swipe right on the screen to send your slider on an adventure through the uncharted forest, where there are new surprises around every corner.

Each puzzling path can be solved by sliding your Slider Scout up, down, left, or right. When starting out, you have 30 seconds to get from room to room. Along the way you will be able to collect coins and point stars.

You’ll want to plan your route to avoid obstacles like bottomless pits and pop-up spikes. But don’t get too stressed out if you mess up and get sent back to the lodge. You’ll keep all your coins and points you have collected on your journey. As you earn more points, you will level up your Rank and unlock new locations, earn bonus coins, and new Scouts!


As you progress down the uncharted, ever-changing path, you will discover new locations, obstacles and enemies.


We’re just scratching the surface of Slider Scouts, as this seemingly-simple game is filled to the brim with puzzles, new friends, and all sorts of things to unlock. So stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Slider Scouts!

Sneak Peek: Slider Scouts!

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By , August 8, 2016 11:55 am

Hey Everyone!!

You may have noticed that our blog posts have been few and far-between recently. That is because we have been working super-hard on our newest game, and we finally get to reveal it to all of you! It’s called Slider Scouts and it will be our first-ever universal app, meaning it will work on both phones and tablets!

This will also be our very first… *drumroll*… FREE APP!!!

Seriously, it will be free!!  We’ll get into more details in the following weeks, but for now, we’ll leave you with this…


Sneak Peek: Launch Date!

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By , June 20, 2016 3:03 pm

Hey Everyone!

The time has finally come to announce the launch date! Papa’s Taco Mia HD will be available for the iPad, Amazon Fire, and Android Tablets on Monday, June 27th, 2016!

So in less than seven days, you’ll be able to play Papa’s Taco Mia HD!!!!


Sneak Peek: Updated Stations

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By , June 13, 2016 4:25 pm

Hey Everyone!

Last week on the blog, we unveiled the all new Chip Station. This week, we wanted to show you how the other stations will look for Papa’s Taco Mia HD.

First we have the updated Grill Station…

Here we cleaned everything up for the higher resolution screens. We also made room for more meats to cook, and more shells to choose from.

For all the first timers… once you take an order, you will head over to the Grill Station. From there you will choose a meat to cook by dragging it onto an open burner. You will then periodically need to cut and flip the meat by dragging the appropriate tool into the pan. When the meat is fully cooked, you will drag it to a taco shell and pour it in.

From there you will head over to the Build Station…

We completely redesigned the Build Station to make room for more sauces and toppings! Once you have poured all the ingredients onto the taco, you will simply click the green button to close it up and send it over to the Chip Station.

Stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks of Papa’s Taco Mia HD!


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