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Sneak Peek: Build Station

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By , December 1, 2016 10:43 am

Hey Everyone,

Surprise… we are doing another sneak peek this week! Today we are showing off the Build Station in Papa’s Sushiria!

After you have cooked your rice and spread it over the Nori Paper, you’ll head over to the Build Station.

You’ll notice on the bottom of the ticket there is a circle, to the left is the Nori Paper and to the right is the rice. The toppings inside that circle are the Fillings. When you first get to the Build Station, the bins will open up to display all of your available filling ingredients. This customer wants his sushi roll filled with Salmon and Cream Cheese slices. When you drag a topping from a bin to the rice, you’ll be grabbing a whole stack of toppings. The amount of toppings in each stack depends on how long the topping is. You will then have to evenly place all the pieces of that topping before moving onto the next.

Once you have placed all your Fillings on the rice, simply press the Roll button to watch your sushi get quickly rolled up. After that, the Filling bins will close up, and the Topping ingredients will arrive.

Oh man, look at all those Toppings already unlocked from the get-go. That can mean only one thing… there’s going to be TONS of ingredients to unlock (over 145)!

So this customer wants Sliced Mango and Duck Sauce on there Sushi Roll. You’ll place the Mango just as you would the Fillings. Then you will Drizzle the Sauce over the roll like you have in other games.

The final step is to cut the sushi into bite size pieces. To do this, simply grab the knife and start slicing away. The sushi will need to be cut into 8 pieces, so try to make them all the same size. Don’t worry, I hear there’s a cutting guide you can buy in the shop. You will also notice that as you cut, you will see a real cross section of the sushi. Now ideally, all the cross sections should look roughly the same to get a great score. But for this example, I laid out the Salmon and Cream Cheese a little sloppy so you can see the true level of detail we put into this game. Once you have made all the slices, your sushi is finished!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Sushiria!





Sneak Peek: Cook Station

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By , November 28, 2016 10:52 am

Hey Everyone,

This week we are showing off the Cook Station in Papa’s Sushiria! After taking your customer’s order, you’ll head over to the Cook Station to prepare the sushi rice. First you will place the Nori paper on the bamboo mat. After that, you will pour the rice into the Sushi Square. The Sushi Square is an all-in-one sushi rice cooker that uses the latest and greatest rice cooking technology.

There are two stages to preparing the perfect sushi rice. First you have to wait for the rice to be steamed. When the cooking meter reaches the green arrow, the steaming process is complete. You will then need to pour  some Sushi Vinegar into the Sushi Square. This will start the gentle mixing process.

Once the the cooking meter reaches the yellow arrow, the rice is finished. You can then pick up the Sushi Square and place it on top of the rolled out Nori paper. The Sushi Square will then roll across the Nori Paper, spreading out a perfect layer of rice.

From there, you will head to the Build Station, but we will save that for another day.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Sushiria!





Sneak Peek: Vincent and Customer Coupons

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By , November 21, 2016 1:05 pm

Hey Everyone,

This week we wanted to introduce you to a customer who will be making his debut in Papa’s Sushiria, Vincent!

Vincent is a traveling mailman who loves to stop by for a quick Sushi fix. He’s not only here to eat, Vincent’s here to help too!

When we introduced stickers in Papa’s Bakeria, we made several quests where you had to serve a specific customer specific things. Unfortunately, this could sometimes take a very very long time. See, if you had to serve Rico a specific Special, you would have no idea how long it would take before Rico returned.  Sometimes you would be waiting months before Rico would stop by the shop again.

So we solved that problem by creating Customer Coupons that you can buy in the shop.

Once you purchase a Customer Coupon, you can send it to anyone of your unlocked customers.

Once sent, Vincent will head over to that customer’s home to deliver the coupon.

After that, you will be certain to see that customer return by the next day!

Vincent will also be taking over the job of delivering new outfits to customers!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Sushiria!





Sneak Peek: Super Custom Clothing

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By , November 15, 2016 11:34 am

Hey Everyone,

In our quest to bring you the absolute best customization experience, we have yet again improved our clothing system for Papa’s Sushiria!

As we worked on previous games, we’ve noticed several issues with the clothing system. Before, when you would shop for non-holiday clothing, you would first pick out a clothing style. From there, you could choose from a variety of colors for that style. We had lots of options to choose from for non-holiday clothes. However, the few clothing options we did have for holidays usually only came in 4 color combinations each. We also noticed that many players (us included) would only stick to holiday-specific clothing throughout the game to get the holiday tip bonuses. So in the end, everyone was stuck wearing the same limited holiday clothes as everyone else. This really went against the whole purpose of having a huge selection of clothing in the clothing shop.

So we tossed that all out the window…

Now, when you go shopping for clothes, you can customize each and every style with whatever color combination you want!

Simply click on each of the color boxes to the right of the clothing style to customize it…

You can choose from a wide range of colors to customize the item just how you want it. You’ll also notice at the top of the color picker that it highlights the featured colors for the holiday. If you’re feeling festive, stick to these color options to get a greater tip bonus during that holiday. Or you can mix and match these holiday colors with other colors to get a little bonus without sacrificing your personal style. When you start choosing colors for your clothing, the Shop will add a holiday icon by the clothing item name to show which holiday that color scheme will work best on.

This now makes every single item of clothing in the shop a potential holiday item! You can even take that Jack-O-Lantern shirt from Halloween, swap out the colors, and turn it into a spooky Valentine’s Day shirt! To help you find that perfect holiday outfit, we also make the shop’s default colors change with each holiday. So you can quickly and easily pick out some Valentine’s Day clothes if you’re pressed for time. You can also change the “Theme” filter in the Shop to browse for clothing in other holidays.

When you’re done shopping, you can change into your new clothes. You’ll notice a new “Holiday Spirit” meter at the bottom of the clothing screen. This will show just how much of a Holiday Tip Bonus you can expect based off of the colors and items in your wardrobe. You can mix and match clothing however you like, but wearing lots of the holiday colors or designs will boost your Holiday Spirit meter. Also, you’ll get a better boost to your Holiday Spirit if you’re using more than just one holiday color in your outfit: Wearing all white doesn’t seem very festive, but if you’re wearing white, red, and pink together… you’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

You don’t always have to dress to the nines in holiday clothing if that’s not your thing. If you’re more interested in your unique look than in getting a huge tip bonus, you can just put on your red stripe shirt for Valentine’s Day, get a little extra coinage, and continue doing your thing.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Sushiria!





Sneak Peek: Sakura Bay

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By , November 8, 2016 9:17 am

Hey Everyone,

For some time now, we have been anxiously waiting to show you the  location of Papa’s Sushiria. It was first hinted at 4 years ago in Papa’s Hot Doggeria, when the Sakura Bay Samurais played ball at Griller Stadium. This game has been in the back of our minds for so long that it’s just really awesome to see it finally come to life.

Papa’s Sushiria is located in the serene town of Sakura Bay. This small town strives to keep a perfect balance between buildings and nature. The citizens of Sakura Bay take great pride in their garden-like town, and each person does their part to maintain the beautiful plant-life that surrounds them.

You could say, Sakura Bay is the polar opposite of our last location, Whiskview Mall.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Sushiria!





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