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Sneak Peek: Free Play in the Food Truck!

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By , January 31, 2022 12:06 pm

Hey Everyone!

This week we’ll be going into more detail about how the Food Truck works in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!

Once you hire a Driver to work for Papa’s Cluckeria, you’ll be able to send them out between workdays in the Food Truck, driving to the outskirts of Oilseed Springs where residents may not be familiar with the new restaurant in town. When you first start a shift in the Food Truck, you’ll notice there aren’t any customers placing orders, and there aren’t any order tickets to prepare: You can make whatever you’d like during free play in the Food Truck!

When you switch to the Fry Station, you’ll find all of the meats, breading, and batters that are already unlocked in the restaurant. Prepare meats however you like, and to keeps things moving quickly in the Food Truck, you won’t have to wait long at all for things to cook!

On the Build Station and Slush Station, you’ll also find all of the items that you’ve previously unlocked in the main Papa’s Cluckeria restaurant. Be creative and come up with a unique sandwich order to impress the locals! Once you’ve prepared a swirled slush for the order, it’s time to serve it at the Food Truck counter and see if any passersby are interested in trying your creation!

When you serve the order, one of the locals wandering by the Food Truck will stop and decide to buy your sandwich. You won’t earn any points to level up your Rank during free play in the Food Truck, but you can earn some extra Tips and Mini-Game Tickets from the locals between workdays in the truck!

While you’ll usually see unfamiliar locals when working in the Food Truck, if you’d really like to see one of your regular customers arrive, you can prepare their usual order from the restaurant to try to lure them to the Food Truck instead!

When you’ve played long enough in the main restaurant to start unlocking holidays, those holiday ingredients will also be available to use in the Food Truck. And we have one more fun feature that’s only available when working in the Food Truck: After you’ve unlocked multiple holidays, you can mix and match ingredients from multiple holidays all within the same sandwich and slush order!

In this sandwich, we’ve used ingredients from multiple holidays as well as some standard ingredients: See if you can guess the toppings and which holidays they’re from!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!



Sneak Peek: New Game Mode!

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By , January 24, 2022 1:12 pm

Hey Everyone!

For years, fans have been asking us to include some sort of “free play mode” within our games. Over and over, we read numerous suggestions for a place where you could casually play around with ingredients and make orders without the pressure of a normal “work day”.

For Papa’s Cluckeria To Go, we worked long and hard to find a way to meaningfully incorporate those great suggestions into this game, and we hope that you’ll enjoy what we came up with. May we introduce to you… the brand-new… Papa’s Cluckeria Food Truck!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!



Sneak Peek: The Slush Station!

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By , January 17, 2022 3:31 pm

Hey Everyone!

We are back with another sneak peek of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! This time we will be showcasing the final step in preparing your order, the Slush Station!

The Slush Station is where you can make swirled slush drinks to complement your customer’s chicken sandwiches.  Here you can make two slushes at a time. First, you’ll want to choose the size of the slush, in this case, the customer ordered a Medium. So you would click on one of the green “M” buttons.

Then, a panel will slide in-view with all the available flavors. Here we will be choosing Tangerine first.

When you choose a flavor, the panel will slide away to reveal a star meter and button. Click the pink “Star Button” when the meter star turns yellow.

After that step, you will have to correctly press the Star Button again to fill the cup up with the right amount of slush. You will then choose the second flavor for your swirled slush (Black Cherry), and press the Star Button once again.

Once all three ingredients are in the cup, it will begin to swirl the drink together.

When the meter reaches the star, you can press the power button to turn off the blender and drag the drink to the order tray. Once that happens you will be able to drag the ticket to the green ticket holder to finish the order.

Ember seems pleased!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!



Sneak Peek: The Build Station!

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By , January 10, 2022 11:10 am

Hey Everyone!

We are back with another sneak peek of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! This time we will be heading to the Build Station!

When you first get to the Build Station, you will need to pick out the correct bun for the order. Just line up the right one and click the plate/barrel to drop the heel of the bun.

Once the heel has landed on the plate, the rest of the toppings will slide down so you can begin building the chicken sandwich.

The Build Station’s bins are divided into two categories: Toppings and Chicken. You can toggle between these two groups by clicking the Switch button on the left hand side.

Adding toppings is easy, just line the ingredients up with the center of the plate and click the sandwich area to drop them on top. The chicken sandwich will be complete when you drop the top bun onto the sandwich. It will then move onto the final area, the Slush Station.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!



Sneak Peek: The Fry Station!

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By , January 3, 2022 11:58 am

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great start to the New Year! Here at Flipline Studios, we’re back from holiday break and ready to dive right into the first sneak peek of the year. Today we will be looking at the first station you will encounter in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go… The Fry Station!

So here it is! On the left you will notice three raw chicken choices: Chicken Breast, Chicken Patty, and Phony Farm Veggie Patty. The fry vat in the middle has the ability to fry six orders at one time. You’ll notice a bin with an orange button  on it. To get started, click on the orange button  to set up the breading or batter.

Here you will find several different options to choose from like Papa’s Original Breading, Spicy Cajun Batter, and Beer Batter. For this order, we will click on the Spicy Cajun icon.

When a breading or batter is selected, you’ll be able to drag the chicken into the bin. For battered orders, you will first dip the chicken into flour. Carefully line up the gray circle with the green circle before dropping the chicken to fully immerse it in flour.

After the chicken is dipped in flour, the bin will switch to Cajun Batter. You’ll drag and drop the chicken into the batter just as you did with the flour. If the selection was breading based like Papa’s Original, you would first dip the chicken in a vat of eggs before dipping it into the breading.

Once the dipping process is complete, the chicken will return to the left side tray. You can then drag it to one of the open fryer grates to begin cooking.

Once the chicken is done cooking, you’ll drag it to the green tray to send it off to the Build Station.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!



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