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Quinn’s Q&A: All About Jacksmith

By , October 10, 2012 9:37 am
Question 1:
Why are weapons in Jacksmith built the way they are? Bows don’t have hinges!
Answer 1:
We took some liberties with weapon crafting in Jacksmith to make things more interesting and to get some fun moments of gameplay, so the steps you use aren’t quite how you would actually build those weapons in real life! We did a lot of research on how to make all of the weapons in the game, but some things we twisted or removed for the sake of gameplay, and others things we invented, like hinged metal bows (so we could still use the forge for crafting bows).
Question 2:
Gold is soft, why would you make weapons out of it in Jacksmith?
Answer 2:
We took some liberties here too! For the strength of different metals, we kept some things basically correct — bronze really is stronger than copper, and steel is stronger than plain iron — but for the top-tier metals we decided to go with elements that looked strong even though they’re not. A crystal axe would be terrible in battle, but it sure does look epic!
Question 3:
Did you have any other ideas for animal warriors before you finalized the current lineup?
Answer 3:
We had a handful of ideas for who the warriors and the blacksmith could be before we settled on our current group. We first decided to go with animal characters instead of regular people like in Papa’s Gamerias, and came up with different groups of animals that would work well. One of our first ideas was to use tiny animals like mice, where everything in the game would be a much smaller scale. Since we were crafting regular-sized weapons that people would use though, we decided to go with larger barnyard animals. We also considered a duck and a horse as some of the warrior animals, but our weapons seemed to fit the other animals better.

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