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Sneak Peek: Paleteria Playtesting!

By , February 20, 2024 12:05 pm

Hey Everyone!

This week, we wanted to share an update on how development is going with Papa’s Paleteria To Go, and we’re thrilled to say that we’re in the middle of final playtesting right now!

What does this mean exactly? While we do plenty of playtesting as we’re working on the game, this final round of testing is where we play through the entire game and figure out if there’s anything we missed or anything that needs adjustments, and then fix those issues before submitting it to the app stores.


This first involves making sure everything works correctly on a variety of screen sizes, and testing on both slower devices and more powerful ones to see what needs to be optimized. After that, we test touch-screen and multi-touch controls at various sizes, and then it’s on to the final playthrough of the entire game. We make sure all the ingredients and customers are unlocking at the correct times, make adjustments to scoring and pacing, and test all of the Specials, mini-games, and stickers. We’ll work on fixing any issues as we go, and making sure everything is playing smoothly before preparing the final version of the game.

This time around, we’ve had to deal with issues with our development tools and new phone devices (which are thankfully fixed now!), so the process has taken a bit longer. To make sure all of the issues are fixed, we’ve also had to test the game on a whopping 14 devices this time, so it’s been a bit more time-consuming.

When we’re finished with final playtesting, we’ll then have to wait a bit for each of the app stores to review the game, and see if there are any adjustments they need. This part of the process can take a while, but as soon as we have a release date available, we’ll post about it right away on the blog!

We’re working hard to get the game to everyone as soon as possible, and we can’t wait until you can all play Papa’s Paleteria To Go!

Be sure to check back here for more Sneak Peeks of Papa’s Paleteria To Go!



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