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Sneak Peek: New Furniture Strategy!

By , November 15, 2012 12:05 pm

Hey Everyone!

We are getting close to launching Papa’s Hot Doggeria next week and wanted to show you another sneak peek.

For this newest game we wanted to bring an element of strategy to lobby decorating.  Now each piece of furniture and poster will have several stats which will affect the bonuses you get from them.

First, each item has a Theme icon representing what group of furniture they best match with. For example, all the  Taco Mia inspired furniture will have the same icon in their descriptions. When you place 2 or more items of the same Theme your lobby, you will get a “Match” star that will pop up and tell you how many are currently matching in your lobby.

The second stat that each furniture item and poster will have is its Potential Points.  We say they’re potential points because to get the full points from a piece of furniture, it will have to match with at least 2 other items in the lobby. If it doesn’t match with anything you’ll still get some points, just not the full amount. The points represent the overall impact that the lobby has on your customers’ final order score, both for wait time and certain topping boosts.  You’ll also be able to tell if some furniture pieces are better for scoring than others — large tables will give you more points than small tables, and arcade cabinets will give you even more.

The final stat for each furniture item or poster is its Freshness. This stat shows how long it has been sitting in the lobby. After 3 work days, an item will start to get stale, and it will have less impact on your returning customers. Because of that, you will want to periodically switch up your furniture to keep your lobby at peak freshness. As your lobby gets stale, it will start to slowly lower your lobby’s Points.

You can still mix items from a bunch of different Themes, but just remember that you’ll want to have at least 3 items from each Theme you’re using to get the most points possible.

We have updated the lobby editor so that you now can see how many overall Points you are earning and how fresh your furniture is. Also, you can now completely customize your counter top and trim/window colors.

We have also updated the Open/Close sign in the lobby so that you can see your lobby’s stats, and know when it might be time to change some decorations.

Whoa, Mandi has a foam finger!?!
Yep, we have also overhauled the customers so that they have more reactions to their orders, more dance moves, and do more things in the lobby!


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