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Sneak Peek: Today’s Special!

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By , May 12, 2015 10:53 am

Hey Everyone!!!

Today is a very big, and very important Sneak Peek! For Papa’s Cheeseria we wanted to introduce something completely new to the series that would pack even more fun and excitement into every workday.

As you’re working at the Cheeseria, a customer will sometimes come in to the restaurant with a special golden envelope in their hand. Here you can see Roy has brought something special with him:

These customers with envelopes have a brand-new item called a Special Recipe that you can earn! They will be more picky about grading their order (like a Closer), but if you do a good job on their food they’ll open the golden envelope and present you with a new Special Recipe card! Here you can see Scarlett has prepared an amazing sandwich and earned the “Bird Buster” Special.

Each day you can choose what “Today’s Special” will be in the Cheeseria, and you can choose any of the Specials that you’ve unlocked to be the Special for that day. You’ll be able to earn many more Special Recipes as you play through the game, which will all go into a new Cookbook where you can browse through all of the Specials you’ve earned so far.

When you click on one of your Specials, you can see all of the ingredients to make the Special. You can also see a spot marked “Bonus” — that’s right, you can earn a bonus for serving a Special correctly! Each Special has a different Bonus that you can earn by serving, so you may want to make the “Bird Buster” Today’s Special if you’re looking to earn more Mini-Game Tickets, and other Specials will have other bonuses for things like tips, points, and Customer Stars. The Cookbook also has a section to see the ingredients you’ve unlocked!

When you choose one of your Specials to be “Today’s Special”, customers may decide to order that Special instead of their usual order (especially if it has some of their favorite ingredients). Here you can see Rita is ordering today’s “Bird Buster” special!

If you build the order well, you’ll earn the Bonus from Today’s Special and will also earn a Star on the Special for serving it correctly. If you earn five Special Stars, you’ll master that Special and it will be marked with a star icon in your Cookbook. You may even earn a surprise for mastering a Special!

This new addition of “Today’s Special” will give players an extra layer of challenge and fun on top of the classic Gameria gameplay, with some awesome rewards for serving Specials. We’re having a blast with Specials as we’re building and testing parts of the game, and can’t wait for everyone to try them out too!

Oh, and Rita’s plate does look a bit empty with only a sandwich on it… we’ll talk about some other foods you’ll be serving with the sandwich in a future Sneak Peek!


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Foodini’s Friday Games!

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By , May 8, 2015 8:36 am
Mr. Spilbox 2
Replicate and stack the boxes to reach your goal! Mr. Splibox 2 lets you create, bounce, and launch squares. You can come up with new ways to travel through each level. Use catapults to blast across gaps, and don’t let the smoking boss stop you! Play Now!
Welcome to Pintown. Precicely drop the town folk to gather clouds and points on their way home.
Play Now!
Ruthless Pandas
You are an ex-space pirate, liberated to fight for the Planet of Pandas against Bears and return stolen sacred crystals. Upgrade your ship, crush all bosses in 4 different locations and meet your destiny! Play Now!


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Quinn’s Q&A: BBQ, Chicory Cafe, and McCoy!

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By , May 6, 2015 2:28 pm
Question 1:
In Papa Louie 2, what are the trees in BBQ Bog and the Saucelands made of?
Answer 1:
That area of Munchmore is themed like many barbecue restaurants, which is why you’ll find hills that look like checkered tablecloths, bridges made of sausages, and these unique trees that seem to be topped with cole slaw instead of leaves. You’ll also find lots of metal pipes in the area, carrying that delicious barbecue sauce to other areas of the land!
Question 2:
What do they serve at the Chicory Café in Portallini?
Answer 2:
The Chicory Café is a popular place in town to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a delicious espresso beverage. Each morning they serve a new special blend of coffee, and the regulars love to stop in and try the latest flavor before heading to work.
Question 3:
What inspired you to create the Cactus McCoy series?
Answer 3:
We had previously worked on a short game for Lionsgate Films based on the Expendables movie, which was designed like a classic retro platformer with each character wielding a different weapon. As we were working on the game, we originally wanted one of the characters to fight hand-to-hand by punching other enemies, and had him hitting and juggling the enemies in the air. Lionsgate ultimately decided on a different weapon for him to use, but we were still interested in the idea of a platformer where you could fight with a weapon or choose to use your fists. We later took this idea and expanded on it with a variety of weapons that both the main character AND the enemies could use, combining elements of shooting, melee, and brawling into a single new game. At one point we also saw the word “enemigo” used in a description of our Papa Louie game on a Spanish-speaking website, which gave us the idea of using a Southwest or Wild West theme for the game (and for using the name “Enemigos” for the bands of outlaws that Cactus McCoy fights).

If you have any other questions, click the “Ask a Question!” button at the bottom of the blog!


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Sneak Peek: Cinco De Mayo

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By , May 5, 2015 8:25 am

Hey Everyone!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We thought it would be fitting for this week to show off a new holiday that will be celebrated in Toastwood, Cinco De Mayo!


One of the cool things about this holiday is that you will be essentially making Quesadillas once you unlock the seasonal topping, Tortillas!

That is just one of four seasonal ingredients for Cindo De Mayo! The game itself will have a whopping 113 ingredients to make some of the wildest Grilled Cheese sandwiches that you have ever seen!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Cheeseria!


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New Flipdeck Pack!

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By , May 4, 2015 11:05 am

Hey Everyone!

Hot off the press… the newest Flipdecks have arrived in the shop! Pack 13 includes Flipdeck Cards 121-130, along with two bonus Flipverse cards. Order them today!







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