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Sneak Peek: Summertime Scooperia

By , April 3, 2018 3:37 pm

Hey Everyone!

We wanted to take this week to answer the number one question everyone has been asking… WHEN IS SCOOPERIA COMING OUT???

Papa’s Scooperia has been one of the largest Gameria projects that we have ever worked on. This is because of several factors…

  1. The future of browser-based Flash games is looking very unclear. With most major browsers announcing an eventual end to Flash game support, we can no longer just release a web-game on its own. So now, we have to release Papa’s Scooperia alongside its app counterparts to give the game its best chance at success. That means we have to make THREE different versions of the game, one for the web, one for Tablets (HD), and one for mobile phones (To Go).
  2. We are also building a brand new “To-Go” game engine for our phone-based version of Papa’s Scooperia To Go. We have been working with the current “To Go” engine since Papa’s Burgeria To Go. That’s over 5 years ago! A lot has changed for mobile phones during that time, and the old “To Go” engine is getting maxed out. Making a brand new Gameria game engine takes a very long time and this will basically be our fifth engine (the previous ones were Pre-Taco-Mia, Web, HD, and the current To-Go). Don’t worry, we will dive into all the bells and whistles of Papa’s Scooperia To Go in future blog posts!

So with that being said, back to the question at hand: WHEN IS SCOOPERIA COMING OUT???

Although we don’t have a solid date yet… based on our current schedule, we are looking at a summer release (north american summer). We know that seems very far away, but rest assured, we are working as fast as we can on these three versions of Papa’s Scooperia!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Scooperia!


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