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Sneak Peak: The Top Station!

By , January 16, 2024 12:36 pm

Hey Everyone!

This week, we are finally headed to the last station in Papa’s Paleteria To Go! The Top Station is where you will add all the finishing touches to the perfectly chilled paleta. This station has three main points of interaction. The green button attached to the paleta allows you to properly angle the pop before it gets topped. The second point of interaction is the topping dial, where you can scroll through all the ingredients that are available. To select a topping, all you need to do is drag its icon to the center slot and watch as that topping starts to cascade down inside the topping tumbler. The ticket indicates the angle at which each topping needs to be placed on the paleta.

Once you have chosen the correct topping and angled the paleta perfectly, it’s time to top the paleta. All you need to do is pull the tumbler towards the paleta by dragging the adjacent green arrow button.

As you drag the tumbler, the paleta will lock in place and slowly slip into the waterfall of toppings.

Once completed, release the arrow button to quickly return the tumbler to its original location.

Continue this for all the toppings that your customer has ordered.

When finished, drag the ticket to the green holder to present the delicious paleta to your patiently waiting customer.


Be sure to check back here for more Sneak Peeks of Papa’s Paleteria To Go!



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