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Quinn’s Q&A: Flipdecks, iPad Mini, and Papa Louie’s Origins!

By , January 2, 2013 9:31 am
Question 1:
Why don’t you include more details like age, and nationality, in the customer profiles and Flipdecks?
Answer 1:
Although we could add more info to Customer Profiles and Flipdecks, we try to avoid pinpointing an exact age and nationality for the customers. In our game Remnants of Skystone, we gave everyone birthdates, but it became very complicated as time progressed and we have since avoided giving specific ages to our characters. The closest we will get is saying that somebody is in high school, middle-aged, elderly, etc. We also don’t officially define customer’s nationalities because they live in a world where places like the United States, Sweden, Mexico, and other countries don’t exist. The most you will get is their hometown, so someone from Oniontown would probably be called an Oniontowner.
Question 2:
Does Papa’s Burgeria HD work on the iPad Mini?
Answer 2:
Yes, it will work just the same as it does on a full sized iPad.
Question 3:
Where did the name Papa Louie come from?
Answer 3:
The original name for Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack was simply “Pizza Panic”. Where an adventurous pizza chef named Papa Lucci was on a mission to save his customers from cheesy Pizza Monsters. During development, another game called Pizza Panic came out and we had to think of a new name, so we renamed the game as “Papa Lucci: when Pizzas Attack.” However, seeing the name Papa Lucci written out had us worried that a good majority of people wouldn’t know how to pronounce Lucci (Loo-shee). So we decided to change his name to a more familiar-sounding name like Louie, and that’s when Papa Louie was created!

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