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Coming Soon… Papa’s Cupcakeria!!!!!

By , June 25, 2013 8:10 am

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to announce our newest game that we are currently working on… Papa’s Cupcakeria! After all those Hot Dogs in Griller Stadium, Papa’s in the mood for some sweet desert! Who doesn’t love warm, frosting-covered cupcakes?  Normally, we wait some time before we reveal the name of Papa’s next restaurant, but we just couldn’t contain ourselves. Compared to all previous Gamerias, Papa’s Cupcakeria is going to be huge!

We chose Cupcakes for the next restaurant because they best exemplify our latest BIG addition to the Papa’s series. In past games, we have improved upon the series with new additions like upgrades, furniture, minigames, and custom workers to name a few. For Papa’s Cupcakeria we will be unveiling  Seasonal Toppings!

We felt the addition of seasonal toppings needed a food that would best demonstrate just how fun and exciting this new system will be. For us, cupcakes immediately came to mind. The local pastry shops around town always have specialty cupcakes on display that reflected the season and upcoming holidays.

As you play Papa’s Cupcakeria, you will slowly unlock standard menu items like batter, frosting, and a variety of toppings. However each holiday season will  bring with it new unlockable toppings that you can use during that time. This new system keeps things fresh and exciting throughout your entire cupcake cooking journey. This also allows the game to have a jaw-dropping amount of menu-items to unlock, we’re talking over 100!!!!

So get excited and stay tuned for more info on Papa’s Cupcakeria!


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