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Slider Scouts is HERE!!!!!

By , October 4, 2016 10:13 am

Is this really happening?? Slider Scouts is here… and it’s FREE!!

Get it now for iPadiPhoneGoogle Play, and in the Amazon App Store!

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Your lone Slider Scout is late for camp, and needs help recruiting more scouts for his troop at the Scout Lodge. Swipe to send this miniature burger on a massive adventure through the uncharted forest, where there are new surprises around every corner! Scouts will keep sliding until they bump into a wall blocking their way, so you’ll need to guide him on a route through the wilderness. Keep swiping to send him in different directions, and try to reach the exit so your slider can continue his travels and scout out the next area. More Info…
Simple pick-up-and-play controls
80 Unique Scouts to Unlock
Earn hundreds of furniture items
Decorate all the rooms in the Scout Lodge
Over a dozen different locations to explore
New puzzling paths await you at every turn
Earn coins to awaken the Great Slider Shrine
Complete daily quests to earn badges & coins



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