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Quinn’s Q&A: Where is the new Gameria???

By , December 26, 2017 10:49 am


Question 1:
When will you announce the next Gameria?
Answer 1:
We’re working hard on the next Gameria, but as you know it’s a long process to make a brand-new game! It generally takes at least 4 to 6 months of work to create a new game, and for a long time there just isn’t enough finished to start showing off anything, so we need to wait until things are coming together before we start revealing sneak peeks. Things are progressing nicely so far, so expect us to make an announcement some time in mid-January about the new game.


Question 2:
Will there be two separate Flipdecks for Moe/The Dynamoe?
Answer 2:
Yes. They will be getting two separate Flipdecks just like Joy and Ninjoy did. Moe and The Dynamoe have very different personalities so having multiple Flipdecks will be absolutely necessary.


Question 3:
What else is new over at Flipline Studios?
Answer 3:
It has been very busy over here working on games and apps. We’ve been fulfilling a bunch of orders for Grumpy Onions and Flipdecks. On top of that, Tony just had his fourth child, a boy named Cosmo.



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