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Guy’s Last Chef 2017: Italian Sausage Division: Round 1

By , April 1, 2017 10:00 am


Overnight, Papa Louie’s thirteen restaurants have been acquired by Guy Mortadello of Mortadello Meat Pies, LTD.

Guy Mortadello is aggressively restructuring the restaurants to incorporate his all-new, fully-automated fast food services. This process employs an army of mechanized BotWursts™ at each of the restaurants’ work stations. Customers will now use a touch screen interface to quickly place and pay for their orders. From there, the BotWursts™ will prepare each order in record time. Mortadello believes customers will love this new system because it alleviates any human interaction resulting in order mistakes, and best of all, no tips are needed.

The biggest benefit will come to the actual players of the many Papa’s Gamerias. Now, all you will need to do is start the game up, sit back, and watch the BotWursts™ do all the work. No longer will you need to flip burgers, pour drinks, or get stressed out when Jojo shows up. Blue Ribbons every time!

Unfortunately, with this restructuring, Guy Mortadello will be firing all of Papa’s Chefs. However, one chef will remain to repair the BotWursts™ and clean their internal disposal units. To decide who stays and who goes, Mr. Mortadello is launching the first and only… Guy’s Last Chef 2017! It is up to the fans to decide who gets fired, and who will be the last Chef standing!


Guy’s Last Chef 2017: Italian Sausage Division: Round 1:
Rita   –VS–     Marty
Mitch      –VS–     Maggie

You decide who gets fired, and who moves forward to the Division Semi-Finals and closer to becoming Guy’s Last Chef!

  • Rita (8,394 votes)
  • Marty (11,457 votes)

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  • Mitch (7,328 votes)
  • Maggie (12,366 votes)

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